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2023 Cobalt Partnerships: Expanding to MSP & MSSP Partners

When companies work together to provide better solutions for their clients, everyone wins.

When companies work together to provide better solutions for their clients, everyone wins. That’s why we’ve developed the Cobalt partner network, a group of leading cybersecurity technology companies and consulting firms providing organizations with the solutions they need to strengthen their security posture.

Since the inception of our program in 2021, we've continued to expand our offerings to partners. Our referral partnerships have helped cybersecurity companies service their clients’ pentesting needs on an on-demand basis. In November 2022, we announced partnering up with NTT Data, a digital business and IT services leader to offer deeper security services to its clients in the U.S. 

NTT DATA selected Cobalt as a trusted pentest partner to help clients navigate the rapid and evolving technology landscape,” said Sushila Nair, Vice President of Security Services, NTT DATA Services. “An agile and secure application lifecycle is a key enabler of success. Adding PtaaS to our threat intelligence and analytics will enable enterprises to modernize their security practices with minimal effort – saving clients both time and resources.”

Bolstered by this momentum, we will continue to broaden and further support our network with a renewed focus on managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSP). Our goal is to help MSPs and MSSPs deliver scalable pentests and high-quality results with minimal effort on their part. 

Cobalt can help partners achieve the following: 

Value Prop 1: Differentiate Service Offerings 

To attract and retain new business, MSPs and MSSPs must constantly demonstrate their worth. As a Cobalt partner, you’ll be able to add new pentest services to your portfolio, deepen your security expertise, and create a more compelling reason for why clients should choose you over your competitors. Our partner portal will have all the sales, marketing, and training resources you’ll need, and you’ll have a dedicated Channel Account Manager as well. 

Value Prop 2: Increase Value for Your Customers

Your clients will enjoy a more modern pentest experience that delivers high-quality results, along with detailed, dynamic reports upon conclusion. Your value doesn’t end there – you’ll be able to help prioritize remediation, too, and spin up a new pentest right away thanks to Cobalt’s flexible credit model. 

Value Prop 3: Accelerate Business Growth 

Cobalt will help you mature your security offerings in a scalable manner. Our Pentest as a Service methodology lets you take action faster with real-time access to findings and integrations like Slack, as well as skilled testers available on demand. As a partner, you’ll also grow revenue thanks to the ability to conduct a greater amount of pentests, and be able to clear out any testing projects that were backlogged due to lack of resources. 

Interested in becoming a partner? You can learn more and contact our team through our Partner page. 

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