See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
Application Security

Secure your apps without slowing down dev

Protect all of your applications and APIs with continuous and repeatable expert pentesting—across the SDLC.


Pentest apps regularly, ship code confidently

The key to reliable application security is regular, dynamic testing that’s optimized and integrated with your security and development programs. With Cobalt's team of security experts and application security testing solutions, you can test quickly and continuously—not just when pushing a new release. 
Stay ahead of malicious actors
App development and performance are mission-critical to your business—and in today’s threat landscape, regular security testing is, too. Whether application, API, or code, Cobalt provides fast access to expert testing.
Integrate security into your SDLC
Reduce downstream risk and costs by testing code long before it’s released. Keep teams moving and apps secure by implementing pentesting and quality checks that are integrated into your software development lifecycle (SDLC) and existing development tools.
Find and fix vulnerabilities

Relieve engineering and technical teams from the challenge of remediating vulnerabilities without proper context, tools, or knowledge. Discover flaws in apps and APIs with expert security testing. 

Maintain compliance and secure releases

If you’re only doing compliance testing once a year, you’re flying blind to potential weaknesses—while pushing new code every day. With Cobalt, you can pinpoint vulnerabilities and accelerate time to resolution, whether you’re testing regularly or auditing once a year.

Application security services from the leaders of PtaaS

Save time and money by leveraging fast access to testing experts, real-time integrations, and dynamic reporting. By coupling testing as a service with human ingenuity, Cobalt delivers more value with a scalable, optimizable solution.

“We were able to reduce the expense of pentesting and reallocate that money somewhere else and still have the same level of quality.“

- David Kosorok, Director of Application Security at TOAST

Discover solutions for application security


Application Pentest Service

Experience agile, scalable testing with our efficient, flexible PtaaS platform. Powered by the Cobalt Core community of experts, we provide real-time insights and integrations for rapid risk remediation—tailored to your pentesting needs. 


Secure Code Review

Find and mitigate vulnerabilities with a systematic examination of your source code. Ensure your code is resilient against modern security threats and adheres to best practices.


Code-Assisted Pentest

Elevate your application security with penetration testing that dives deeper into the code to provide more robust vulnerability identification and analysis. Combine expert human-driven testing and advanced automation for comprehensive coverage.


LLM Pentest

Tap into the collective expertise of the Cobalt Core community of security testers  to elevate the security of your AI- and LLM-enabled apps with a pentest. Improve the security of your AI-enabled application as well as the cloud networks that LLMs run on.


Threat Modeling Assessment

Count on our experts to diagram, enumerate, mitigate, and validate threats using the STRIDE framework — spoofing, tampering, repudiation, information disclosure, denial of service (DOS), and elevation of privilege.


Dynamic Application Security Testing

Identify security vulnerabilities in your web applications with automated analysis of their behavior during runtime. Get continuous monitoring with dynamic application security scanning to reduce attackers’ windows of opportunity.


Easier access to trusted experts


Reduction in time to results


Cost savings compared to traditional consultancies

The faster path to better security

Secure your assets with on-demand expert pentesting

Take control of application security with Cobalt’s expert pentesting services. Ensure your applications and APIs are resilient, compliant, and optimized for performance.

  • Start testing immediately—wherever your dev teams are in the development process, we can help you tackle risk.
  • Work closely with our experts every step of the way thanks to real-time communication via Slack and the Cobalt platform.
  • Implement continuous security testing with a combination of DAST, agile pentesting, and comprehensive pentesting services.
  • Get broad coverage with both human and platform-powered testing for point-in-time compliance assessment, continuous vulnerability scanning, and code review. 
  • Access a deep bench of talent and expertise across a wide range of niche technologies—no need to struggle for added resources and staff.
The Cobalt platform ensures applications and APIs are resilient, compliant, and optimized.

Leading innovators count on Cobalt

Adam Durak,
Head of Security at Algolia

“Now, engineers almost look forward to testing. They know that the interactions with the pentesters make them better engineers. The pentesters clearly explain security issues and proposed mitigations. Then our engineers can review the findings, ask questions and bring their own expertise to the mitigation process. Together, we come up with solutions that benefit our customers. It is no longer a burden for engineers to be included in the pentesting process. In fact, Cobalt works exactly how you want a penetration test to work”


The latest thinking in offensive security

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Optimize your application security

Empower your security and development teams with Cobalt’s unique combination of a modern SaaS platform and our community of vetted security experts. Trust the pioneers of PtaaS as your offensive security partner across your entire attack surface.