Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.
Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.

Minimize Risk Efficiently with Offensive Security

Leverage Offensive Security to minimize cybersecurity risks efficiently and effectively, making the most of your limited security resources and investment.

Discover how Cobalt can be your strategic partner with top to bottom cybersecurity services.

What Is Offensive Security?

Implementing offensive security, defense in depth, and layered security across your tech stack helps to minimize risk and protect business value. By approaching security like an attacker, you can be efficient and effective in how you develop your security controls and conduct remediation. This mindset and focus allows you to allocate valuable resources on maximum risk management. Instead of speculating and guessing what tactics attackers may employ to breach your company, offensive security enables you to make well-informed predictions, allowing you to concentrate your efforts in an intentional and coordinated manner.

Offensive Security Defined

Offensive security is the process of proactively identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your networks, software, and endpoints that could be exploited by simulating real cyberattacks and actively strengthening defenses– rather than waiting for attackers to strike. Because when they do, the repercussions can be devastating.

Offensive and Defensive Security

Both play an important role to secure networks, software, and endpoints
  • Offensive security identifies vulnerabilities, bugs, and flaws through proactive testing and simulated attacks.
  • Defensive security focuses on continuous monitoring and protection to prevent, identify,  and contain breaches.
  • Offensive and defensive security strategies complement each other in a comprehensive approach to reducing and managing risk.



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Benefits of Offensive Security Strategies

Boost efficiency and focus limited security resources with offensive security services by Cobalt.
  • Protect regulated and confidential data (such as customer data)
  • Meet compliance, regulatory, and contractual security requirements
  • Improve visibility into attack surface exposures
  • Defend against advanced adversaries and targeted threat groups
  • Protect your brand reputation
  • Validate defense controls and technologies
  • Lower cyber insurance premiums

Establish Goals for an Offensive Security Program

Broaden your offensive cybersecurity program with Cobalt. Our services include penetration testing, secure code review, and simulated attacks, designed to identify vulnerabilities and help you to fortify your defenses continuously.

"The best security programs are proactive and data-driven."

- Caroline Wong, Author of The PtaaS Book

Offensive Security Maturity

How to get started based on company maturity – Offensive Security strategies evolve based on company maturity.

Small Business

From outdated software to misconfigured networks, small businesses frequently face threats such as malware, network attacks, and phishing attempts. Recognizing these threats is the first step in crafting a right-sized defense.

Mid-Size Firm
As mid-size businesses and their digital footprints grow, so does their threat profile. Increased customer base and operational complexity increase their attack surface, making it critical to deploy continuous, proactive security testing.
Large corporations with diverse, global operations face a variety of threats such as ransomware, APTs, and social engineering. These organizations need customized security programs on-demand and at scale.

Offensive Security Services

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Application Vulnerability Scanning

Cobalt Flip Card Icon 1 @2xIncludes services that actively seek out vulnerabilities and potential threats at multiple stages of application or network development such as Attack Surface Management and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST).
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Vulnerability Assessment

Cobalt Flip Card Icon 2 @2xIncludes services that test systems and networks for security vulnerabilities, such as application pentesting, network pentesting, cloud pentesting, mobile pentesting, wireless network pentesting.
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Assumed Breach

Cobalt Flip Card Icon 3 @2xA structured approach where a known attack scenario is simulated. Assumed breach identifies what damage can be done by an attacker who has compromised an user account in the internal network.

How Cobalt Supports
Offensive Security Programs

Layering Solutions Helps Create an
Offensive Security Strategy

Today the most efficient approach to proactive security involves an intentional combination of human expertise supported by continuous, automated tooling.

At Cobalt, we understand that security is multi-faceted and complex. Since 2013 we have been perfecting the art of combining technology and human expertise into a proactive and continuous platform that facilitates security offerings on-demand and at scale.

  • Offensive Security Platform: See real-time insights from continuous testing and DAST scans allowing you to gain visibility and spot trends across your security testing data over time.
  • Expert Human Testing: Some security vulnerabilities cannot be found using technology alone.  Problems like chained exploits, business logic flaws, and design risks can only be identified using real human judgment, creativity, and skills.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Services: Augment your security program by partnering with Cobalt on specialized engagements to meet custom objectives.

Human & AI Loop

Offensive security has always been a blend of advanced tools and human expertise. While tools set the stage, pentesters bring strategy and intuition. Today, AI is stepping in, early research demonstrates AI being capable of selecting tools and suggesting subsequent steps. However, it's not without flaws—AI can sometimes misstep due to its non-deterministic nature.

As AI's capabilities grow, potentially soon paralleling a junior pentester, the complexities of cyber threats evolve alongside. This underscores that AI, for the foreseeable future, will benefit from human oversight.

Looking ahead, today modern pentesters utilize and craft their own tools to pinpoint vulnerabilities. Tomorrow, they'll collaborate with AI, shifting from command-line tools to intuitive natural language interactions.

In conclusion, the future of offensive security is bright with AI augmentation, but human expertise remains irreplaceable. AI boosts our capabilities, but the human touch is our ultimate safeguard.

Collaborative Pentest Services

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to learn more about our offensive security services, from automated testing to custom engagements. As one of the world’s leading security companies, we offer services that scale to meet your testing needs.