See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
Network Pentest Service

Secure your networks with scaleable pentesting

Identify network vulnerabilities and comply with regulatory requirements more easily with the speed and flexibility that set Cobalt apart.


Keep assets safe with our network pentest expertise

Traditional pentesting can be slow and sporadic. For a more agile approach to network security, you need pentesting designed for flexibility and responsiveness. Our on-demand model makes it easy to move at the speed of business, test as frequently as you need, and access audit-quality findings to address compliance and customer requirements. 

Optimize security across your infrastructure

Pinpoint vulnerabilities

Identify weaknesses in internal infrastructure and externally reachable assets before they can be exploited.

Strengthen your defenses

Minimize the likelihood of security incidents, downtime, and financial losses with a comprehensive approach to testing, validation, and remediation beyond automation. 

Improve compliance

Address industry regulations and standards with regular assessments, including attestation letters and summaries.
Internal Networks
External Networks
Wireless Networks
Internal Networks

Find and proactively address issues in network infrastructure, applications, and systems before malicious actors do. A comprehensive approach to testing mitigates risk so your cybersecurity defenses are at peak performance.

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External Networks

Identify weaknesses across network devices, firewalls, web servers, and other externally facing assets. Optimize security controls on the perimeter to strengthen your security posture organization-wide.

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Wireless Networks

Secure an integral enabler of your business. Turn to experienced Cobalt testers to simulate attacks to help you identify and address vulnerabilities in your wireless network. Ensure potential threats won’t put your systems at risk with regular testing.

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Enhance compliance with expert resources

Our experienced pentesters simulate attacks to identify potential vulnerabilities in your networks using industry standard methodologies.

  • From target scope reconnaissance and service discovery to vulnerability scans and manual assessments, we tailor strategies to fit your assets and needs.
  • For Microsoft Office 365 instances, our pentesters look into data security and encryption and verify access control in addition to testing the network.

Fast Start Promotion

Protect your company against dangerous vulnerabilities and security gaps like SQL injection (SQLi) and Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) with Cobalt Fast Start.

With Cobalt Fast Start limited-scoped pentest, our pentesters identify vulnerabilities quickly using the same techniques  hackers use. Fast Start focuses on specific vulnerabilities like SQLi or can be applied to a portion of an app or website. This targeted assessment protects you from the most impactful security issues that have led to breaches year after year - all without overwhelming your team with noise.

Get ahead of hackers with Cobalt Fast Start.

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The faster path to network security

Adapt your program easily
  • Quickly address changing compliance requirements or requests with a flexible, on-demand model.
  • Tailor test scope in real-time and test regularly to stay ahead of expectations.
Get ahead with real-time collaboration
  • Work closely with our testers and communicate in real time via Slack and in-platform messaging.
  • Free retest as needed for up to 12 months.
Provide audit-quality findings
  • Configure reports to address the needs of different stakeholders.
  • Fulfill compliance and customer requirements with reports and attestation letters aligned to the ask.

Don’t take our word for it


More ways to protect your attack surface

Santa Cruz
Spencer Anthony,
Cybersecurity Architect at Santa Cruz County Bank
“I would recommend Cobalt to other banks and financial institutions. Simply put, you do the rotation for us. Pentesters rotate each time we do an engagement with Cobalt and that checks the box from an auditing standpoint.”

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Ready to test your network defense?

Empower your security and development teams with Cobalt’s unique combination of a modern SaaS platform and our community of vetted security experts. Trust the pioneers of PtaaS as your offensive security testing partner across your entire attack surface.

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