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Security is not a band-aid. You can’t “inject” it or bolt it on after the fact. Security results from the decisions and actions of many different people.

That’s why our mission is to let security dance.

Security is the outcome of an unpredictable mix of movements. At Cobalt, we are building a collaborative approach that unites people and makes sure everyone gets an invite to the party: development, security, operations. We believe that, with everyone working together, we can revolutionize traditional pentesting – and create a more secure world.

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Executive Team


Christian Hansen
Co-founder and distinguished engineer
Jakob Storm
Co-founder And distinguished product manager
Jacob Hansen
Co-founder, Cobalt Board Member

Board Members, Advisors, & Investors

Gerhard Eschelbeck
Former ciso google
Tim Draper
Founder of Draper & Associates, Draper University, and DFJ
Caleb Sima
Managing Vice President Capital One
Robert Fly
CEO and Co-Founder, Elevate Security; Former VP Security Engineering Salesforce
Julie Cullivan
EVP Business Operations and CIO FireEye, Cobalt Board Member
Tony Spinelli
CIO, UrbanOne; Former CISO Capital One, Tyco, Equifax
Fengmin Gong
VP, Info Security Strategy & Didi Research
Gajan Rajanathan
Partner Highland Europe, Cobalt Board Member
Rob Mann
Director of Offensive Security and Assurance, Google
Eric Lagier
Managing Partner byFounders, Cobalt Board Member
Michele Law
Former COO OpenDNS
Bob Stefanski
Managing Director eLab Ventures
Carol Meyers
Growth Advisor, Former CMO Rapid7
Elizabeth Tse
COO at Side, Former SVP OPS at Upwork


Global Infosec
Cyber Security
Devies Awards
Inc 5000