If you missed the PtaaS Exchange in person, join us virtually to learn how to improve your security program in 2023.

Your professional pentester community

Cobalt Core is a community of skilled, vetted pentesting professionals ready to work with you.

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Premium pentesting.
At your fingertips.

No two applications are the same, just like no two pentests are the same. Cobalt brings the right combination of skills, performance and experience to fit your pentesting needs.

Our vetting process

Cobalt Core Pentesters are the best of the best. Each of our pentesters has gone through a strict vetting process that only admits the top 5% of applicants. These top performers make up our pentesting community, from which we hand-select the right person for your unique needs to handle your pentest.

Stage 1
We receive both inbound applications as well as community and customer referrals. Applications are reviewed by our community team based on tenure, skill and expertise.
Stage 2
Once a pentester is selected from the application process they are sent a Cobalt skills assessment to test their technical abilities.
Stage 3
After successful completion of the skills assessment, our team will set up a time to interview the candidate as a way to meet face-to-face, and align on community expectations.
Stage 4
Once a pentester has passed initial vetting, they will be verified by a third party verification vendor. At this stage, tax documentation will be confirmed and NDAs and Cobalt Terms of Engagement will be signed.
Stage 5
Continuous Evaluation
Core team uses a secure VPN for testing. Their work is always peer reviewed by trusted leads and the core labs team.

Our core team

We draw on a Core of 400+ highly vetted, certified pentesters to find the right skills to match to your security requirements and business needs.

Learn how attackers look at your application

Ethical hacking is when an individual looks for vulnerabilities within a network or application so they can help prevent malicious attacks.

Find out how Cobalt Core pentesters improve your security by diving into the mind of an ethical hacker and learning how your company can get ahead of threats.

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Communicate with our testers in real-time

Pentest Collaboration

Hear firsthand best practices for collaborating with the Core.
Get the most out of your pentest engagement.

Pentester of the Quarter: Sanyam Chawla

Congratulations to Sanyam Chawla for being recognized by his peers as Pentester of the Quarter!


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Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Stefan Nicula
Stefan Nicula
Certifications & Skills

Masters in IT&C Security, PhD in Information Security. Focus on reverse engineering, exploit development, and fuzzing on Windows.

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Valerio Brussani
Valerio Brussani
Certifications & Skills

OSCP, OSWE, eMAPT, XRY, CyberArk CDE, Tenable TCSCE, Tenable TCNE, Tenable TCSA

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Andreea Cristina
Andreea Cristina
Certifications & Skills

OSCP, OSCE, OSWP, ITILv3, ENG 812: Security Code Review

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Harsh Bothra
Harsh Bothra
Certifications & Skills

eCPPTv2, eWPTXv2, CEHv10

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Juan Pablo Ruffino
Juan Pablo Ruffino
Certifications & Skills

Web, API Security, CEH, & CPHE

Sunil Kande
Sunil Kande
Certifications & skills
Web Application, SecurityiOS Application Security, CEH
Thrivikram Gujarathi
certifications & skills
Web Application, API PenTesting, Secure Code Review, Devsecops, Thick client, External Network, Threat Modeling, CEH, CDP, AZ-900
Farid Luhar
Farid Luhar
certifications & skills

Web Application, Infrastructure, Mobile Application, IoT Penetration Testing, Source Code Review, OSCP, OSWE, CREST CPSA, CREST, CRT

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Alex Moraga
Alex Moraga
Certifications & Skills

Vulnerability Researcher, Web Applications, Mobile App, iOS, Android, Networking, & OSCP

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Nikhil K Srivastava
Nikhil K Srivastava
Certifications & Skills

CREST, CEH, ECSA, LPT (Licensed Pentester)

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Aditya Agrawal
Aditya Agrawal
Certifications & Skills

Web, Mobile Applications, OSINT, External Network Pentest

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Joao Brasio
Joao Brasio
Certifications & Skills

Information Security, Security Research, Vulnerability Research, Exploitation, Web Application Security, Mobile App

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Çlirim Emini
Çlirim Emini
Certifications & Skills

API, Web Application Security, & OSCP

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Jesus Espinoza
Jesus Espinoza
Certifications & Skills


Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Manish Rohilla
Manish Rohilla
Certifications & Skills

Web Application Security, Network Security Assaessment, OSINT, OSCP, CEH, CHFI, AWS Security Certified

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Nikhil Aswani
Nikhil Aswani
Certifications & Skills


Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Eduardo Zamorano
Eduardo Zamorano
Certifications & Skills

Red & Blue team, Bug Hunter, CTF playger, PPT, FSWA

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Matt Buzanowski
Matt Buzanowski
Certifications & Skills

Infrastructure Pentest, Physical Security Assessments, Web Application, Mobile App, Api Testing, OSEE, OSCE, OSWP

Cobalt-Our Pentesters-Michal Brzezicki
Michal Brzezicki
Certifications & Skills

OSCP, eMAPT, C)PEH, ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor, CBSP