See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
Offensive Security Testing

The Platform for Integrated Security Testing

Initiate testing and streamline workflows. Collaborate directly with security experts. Discover insights with intuitive reporting.


Evolving threats demand stronger solutions


Timely access to testing

To evaluate the effectiveness of your security program, meet mandates, and apply controls, you have to test faster at scale. Traditional testing approaches make this impossible.

Coordinating people, processes, and tools

Siloed testing makes enabling access, communicating results, and aligning resources to address issues inefficient.

On-demand capacity

Get world-class security expertise on-demand with surge capacity to help stay ahead of new threats and the growing attack surface.

Reduce risk and accelerate innovation

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Single platform

Integrate multiple testing capabilities and expert services in one solution. Avoid disparate tools, streamline your processes, reduce overhead, and significantly improve efficiencies.

Find and fix issues faster
Launch a pentest in days, not weeks. The intuitive platform simplifies setup and our on-demand experts are ready to start any engagement.
Scale smart

Whether you’re a startup or have a large security team, our platform can adapt. We tailor our flexible offerings to meet your specific needs and maturity, so you have the right protection without overextending your resources.

Collaborate in real-time

Work directly with testers to understand findings and impact, implement the most effective remediation strategies, and accelerate fixes.


The tech and talent you need

Unified security platform
Find and fix issues faster
Scoping Wizard
Unified security platform

Unified view

View all of your security testing efforts in a single place and visualize your risk posture. The Cobalt Offensive Security Platform provides the high-level perspective you need.

  • Visualize program efficacy and risk trends over time.
  • View findings by severity and status.
  • See upcoming and planned tests.
  • Stay on top of how you are using Cobalt credits.
Find and fix issues faster

Find and fix issues faster

Better manage your security testing program with a single place for all of your assets, testing projects, and findings

  • See your security program across assets at a glance.
  • Simplify planning with clear visibility into when assets were last tested, when new tests are due, and current remediation status.
  • Add business and operational context to assets for more relevant intelligence.
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Scoping Wizard

Scoping Wizard

Launch tests quickly by defining the scope in four simple steps to fast-track your testing.

  • Create a thorough test brief quickly using our templates.
  • Ensure the scope is clear and provide any access guidance.
  • Get assigned testers with skills best aligned to your needs.
Scoping Wizard-modified

Flexibility to address a wide range of needs

Leverage Attack Surface for full visibility

Run daily domain scans to see how your attack surface shifts, including new hosts, port, and IP changes - as well as basic vulnerability scanning to identify missing security headers, deprecated TLS, and weak ciphers. Discover externally reachable assets in your environment, even if they’re unknown to your team. Identify assets that need to be tested. And quickly shift from discovery to testing within the same platform.

Security issues

Identify security issues at scale

Cobalt Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) delivers comprehensive scanning of web assets and APIs to uncover vulnerabilities and provide a clear understanding of your risk posture. Our platform centralizes scanning and testing, offering a unified view of asset risk. Address customer inquiries and meet compliance requirements efficiently with all your vulnerability data in one place. Cobalt DAST detects over 30,000 potential vulnerabilities, delivering detailed reports with precise remediation steps. Focus on critical security issues without the noise, thanks to an industry-leading false positive rate of just 0.1%.

Feed results directly to DevSecOps tools

The Cobalt platform offers a wide range of integrations to easily bring testing data into your broader technology workflows. Our native integrations with ITSM, DevOps, and collaboration tools can help you accelerate remediation and create more secure applications. We also offer the ability to bring testing and validation findings directly into your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) tools and systems.


Our Pentest as a Service lifecycle

The Cobalt Platform brings together the data, technology, and talent to resolve security challenges in modern web applications, mobile applications, networks, AI/LLMs, and APIs. With a single platform, you have the power to increase workflow efficiencies and better understand your risk profile.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-1-Discover@2x
Discover: Prepare for the engagement

This is where you map your attack surface and create accounts on the Cobalt platform. Our team will identify a Cobalt Core Lead for your account, as well as domain experts with skills that match your technology stack. We’ll also set up a Slack channel for real-time communication.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-2-Plan@2x
Plan: Scope and schedule your test

After you’ve used the Scoping Wizard to create your brief, we’ll have a 30-minute phone call to make introductions, align on the timeline, and finalize the testing scope. This will also involve identifying the target environment and setting up credentials.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-3-Test@2x
Test: Start expert analysis

Your expert testers will analyze the target for vulnerabilities and security flaws that could be exploited if not mitigated. While tests are conducted, your Cobalt Core Lead will ensure depth of coverage and communicate with your security team as needed.

Remediate-Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-4
Remediate: Accelerate addressing issues

During this interactive phase, individual findings will be posted to the platform as they are discovered. Integrations send them directly to developer issue trackers and teams can start patching immediately. The test report will be updated as changes are made by your team.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-5-Report@2x
Retest: Fixes verified and final documentation

Once you mark a finding as ready for retest, your tester will verify the fix and update the final report. Every pentest includes full retesting of findings.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-6-Analyze@2x
Report & Analyze: Tailored reports for each stakeholder

Get a full report with findings details, a customer letter, and an attestation to fit the needs of your executives, auditors, and customers. Use testing reports to inform and prioritize remediation actions. Compare your profile against others globally and identify common vulnerabilities to educate development teams and mature your security program. 

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Steven Maroulis,
Founder and CEO at Jarvis Analytics
“When it came to pentesting and assessing our system against threats, we really gravitated towards the Pentesting as a Service model because it was important that my team could login and see exactly what was happening, what testers were working on and finding, as well being able to flexibly buy additional credits as needed.”
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Chuck Kesler,
Chief Information Security Officer at Pendo

"Being able to interact with findings in the platform and discuss them through Slack makes for a much more efficient process. We’ve been able to get into it and engage with the findings there, which is a big improvement on the old process."


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