Get smart with tips for securing AI applications. Register today to learn how to secure your environment with an expanding attack surface.
Get smart with tips for securing AI applications. Register today to learn how to secure your environment with an expanding attack surface.
Application Pentest Service

Power more resilient applications

Don’t wait for an attack to secure your applications—find and fix flaws earlier with repeatable, expert-driven pentesting with the team that pioneered pentest as a service (PtaaS).


Ensure your mission-critical applications are secure

Stay ahead of the growing volume of web app-based attacks with application pentesting that’s comprehensive and collaborative. Weave security into your software development lifecycle (SDLC) to minimize risk without disruption to existing processes and workflows.

Modern penetration testing services for security and development teams

Ship secure applications

Accelerate your build-to-release timeline with pentesting for web applications, mobile apps, AI/LLMs, and APIs that’s seamlessly aligned to DevSecOps workflows.

Prevent potential exploits

Proactively identify and address security gaps faster and more frequently, minimizing risk before they’re used by attackers.

Scale your resources

Tap into the Cobalt Core’s skills, expertise, and experience to extend your team’s productivity and effectiveness.

Launch new pentests rapidly with PtaaS and access to a pool of expert pentesters and the ability to start tests within 24 hours. Reuse stored asset data for subsequent tests and scale your security efforts effortlessly with our SaaS approach, catering to all testing requirements.


Get real-time results and work directly with your expert testers using built in integrations for communication and work management, including Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Slack. 


Unlock the full potential of your security testing with the Coverage Checklist. This list of security controls guides pentesters throughout the test for comprehensive coverage. From web applications and mobile apps to AI/LLMs and APIs, we have the correct testing checklist for your specific needs.

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Businesses can actively monitor their tests' results over longer periods of time to identify trends, root causes, and opportunities for improvement. Better align with your SDLC by purchasing credits in advanced and ensure you're able to quickly launch a test as needed.


Seamlessly integrate with Jira, GitHub, or use the Cobalt API to relay the manual pentest findings to your development teams. 


Collaborative testing aligned to your dev workflows

Proactively protect your apps by making pentesting an integral part of your application development lifecycle.

  • Work with a team of security experts selected specifically for your unique testing requirements.
  • Stay informed at every step with real-time communication.
  • Easily manage remediation by integrating with your existing ITSM and DevOps tools.
  • Take a proactive approach to evolving threats with ongoing, repeatable security testing.
  • Manage all your application pentesting projects in one place with a modern, centralized, and agile approach.
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Code-assisted pentest
Agile Pentesting
Comprehensive Pentesting
Code-assisted pentest

Tap into penetration testing that dives deeper into the code for more robust vulnerability identification and analysis. Combine expert human-driven testing and advanced automation for comprehensive coverage.

Agile Pentesting

Test new releases. Perform testing on a single OWASP category. Or conduct microservice, delta, and exploitable vulnerability testing with the flexibility of agile pentesting.

3.1.1 Tab 3 Agile v Comprehensive
Comprehensive Pentesting

Testing for business drivers. Perform pentesting for compliance. Or test for M&A activity with the extensive nature of comprehensive pentesting.

3.1.1 Tab 3 Agile v Comprehensive

Combine application pentesting with Cobalt-native dynamic application security testing (DAST) and secure code review to maximize application security. By bringing together these solutions, you can get both point-in-time and continuous insight into risk.

3.1.1 Tab 4 DAST

Secure applications leveraging LLMs from the latest threats, including Prompt Injection Attacks. Your pentesting will be performed by security experts directly involved in the creation of the OWASP AI and LLM testing methodology.


Our Pentest as a Service lifecycle

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-1-Discover@2x

The first step in the Pentest as a Service process is the discovery phase where all parties involved prepare for the engagement. On the customer side, this involves mapping the attack surface areas and creating accounts on the Cobalt platform. The Cobalt PenOps Team assigns a Cobalt Core Lead and Domain Experts with skills that match your technology stack. A Slack channel is also created to simplify real-time communication between you and the Pentest Team.

For more information about this phase, check out

3 Tips for Preparing for a Pentest.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-2-Plan@2x

The second step is to strategically plan, scope, and schedule your pentest. This typically involves a 30-minute phone call with the Cobalt teams. The main purpose of the call is to offer a personal introduction, align on the timeline, and finalize the testing scope.

For more information about this phase, check out

4 Tips to Successfully Kick Off a Pentest.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-3-Test@2x

The third step is where the pentesting will take place. Steps 1 and 2 are necessary to establish a clear scope, identify the target environment, and set up credentials for the test. Now is the time for the experts to analyze the target for vulnerabilities and security flaws that might be exploited if not properly mitigated.

As the Pentest Team conducts testing, the Cobalt Core Lead ensures depth of coverage and communicates with your security team as needed via the platform and Slack channel. This is also where the true creative power of the Cobalt Core comes into play.

For more information about this phase, check out

Get to Know the Cobalt Core.

Remediate-Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-4

Accelerate your remediation with the fourth phase in the lifecycle. This phase is an interactive and on-going process, where individual findings are posted in the platform as they are discovered. Integrations send them directly to developers’ issue trackers, and teams can start patching immediately. At the end of your test, the Cobalt Core Lead reviews all the findings and produces a final summary report.

The report is not static; it's a living document that is updated as changes are made (see Re-Testing in Phase 5).

For more information about this phase, check out

Explore Cobalt's PtaaS Integrations.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-5-Report@2x

When you mark a finding as “Ready for Re-test” on the platform, the Cobalt Core Lead verifies the fix and updates the final report. Reports are available in different formats suited to various stakeholders, such as executive teams, auditors, and customers.

For more information about this phase, check out

Best Practices for Verifying Vuln Fixes.

Cobalt-Pentest Service Lifecycle-6-Analyze@2x

Once the testing is complete, you have the opportunity to analyze your pentest results more thoroughly to inform and prioritize remediation actions.

At this phase, you benefit from a deep dive into the pentest report with insights comparing your risk profile against others globally, identifying common vulnerabilities to inform development teams, and driving your security program's maturity.

Furthermore, executive teams will be delighted by the ease of use to track and communicate pentest program performance.

For more information about this phase, check out

3 Key Factors for Improving a Pentest.


The faster path to more secure applications

3.1.1 Why Cobalt Image
Collaborate with our security experts
  • Work closely with our testers and communicate in real time via Slack and in-platform messaging.
  • Empower technical and dev teams with expert insights to enhance your security posture.
Plug pentesting into your SDLC
  • Combine Application Pentesting with DAST in the Cobalt platform to maximize security and efficiency.
  • Connect seamlessly to Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub, and other tools to streamline dev workflows.
Secure your apps without slowing down dev
  • Flow findings and remediation directly into your SLDC, within the tools you’re already using.
  • Resolve risk faster with more targeted, frequent testing + remediation guidance.

Don’t take our word for it


More ways to protect your attack surface

David Kosorok,
Director of Application Security at Toast
“Cobalt was able to shave off hundreds of thousands of dollars for us that we were able to use towards hiring another person and buying additional tools, plus a little bit more.”

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Fast-track your security testing

Start testing in 24 hours. Connect directly with our security experts. And centralize your testing using the Cobalt platform. Trust the pioneers of PtaaS to optimize your cybersecurity across your entire attack surface.