Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.
Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.
Pentest as a Service

Save Money & Time While Improving Security

Legacy penetration testing doesn’t integrate into a modern secure development lifecycle. Pentest as a Service solves this problem and more.


What is PtaaS?

Pentest as a Service defined
Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) combines manual, human testing with a modern delivery platform to deploy ongoing pentest programs with integrations, ease of reporting, and not wasting time on procurement for each pentest. Combining traditional, manual penetration testing services with Attack Surface Management or Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) unlocks a more efficient approach with continuous security testing.

To truly understand the benefits of a PtaaS platform, you have to experience it for yourself and see the innovative delivery model in action.

Continuous pentesting: Benefits of a PtaaS Platform

Cloud testing
Real-time integrations & results
SaaS pricing, thorough testing
Scalable & efficient
Detailed Report
Cloud testing

PtaaS eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional penetration testing, leveraging a digital platform for efficient and flexible testing with the ability to conduct multiple tests at one time while avoiding lengthy procurement processes to bring on new pentesters.

Real-time integrations & results

Seamlessly integrate with Jira, GitHub, or use the Cobalt API to relay the manual pentest findings to your development teams. Benefit from detailed insights and tailored fixes to remediate risks intelligently and strengthen security.

SaaS pricing, thorough testing

Avoid compromising between competitive pricing and human expertise. Circumvent the limitations of traditional pentesting and automated scanning solutions, ensuring thorough detection of complex exploits and business logic flaws with Cobalt's PtaaS platform and manual penetration testing services.

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Scalable & efficient

Launch new pentests rapidly with PtaaS and access to a pool of expert pentesters and the ability to start tests within 24 hours. Reuse stored asset data for subsequent tests and scale your security efforts effortlessly with our SaaS approach, catering to all testing requirements.

Centralized assets and findings-modified
Detailed Report

PtaaS brings data front and center, with advanced reporting that executive teams are sure to love. Businesses can actively monitor their tests' results over longer periods of time to identify trends, root causes, and opportunities for improvement. Better align with your SDLC by purchasing pentesting credits in advance and ensure you're able to quickly launch a test as needed.

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Cobalt is transforming the PtaaS landscape with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Attack Surface Management (ASM). In today's world, where businesses face a broadening array of cyber threats—from budding teenage hackers to powerful nation-states—the importance of proactive security measures has never been more clear. The evolving security environment demands that companies adopt continuous testing strategies to uncover and fortify against vulnerabilities.

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PtaaS: tailored advantages for every team

The key to reliable application security is regular, dynamic testing that’s optimized and integrated with your security and development programs. With Cobalt's team of security experts and application security testing solutions, you can test quickly and continuously—not just when pushing a new release. 
Between legacy data, having a fresh perspective with new testers without new procurement processes, and the platform's ease of use, security professionals will be thrilled with the added benefits of a PtaaS platform.

Reduce downstream risk and costs by testing code long before it’s released. Keep teams moving and apps secure by implementing pentesting and quality checks that are integrated into your software development lifecycle (SDLC) and existing development tools.

IT Admin

Streamline your security posture with PtaaS. Seamless integration into existing systems, select from a fresh pool of pentesters to enhance your defenses without the red tape of procurement between each test, and track results in real time.


If you’re only doing compliance testing once a year, you’re flying blind to potential weaknesses—while pushing new code every day. With Cobalt, you can pinpoint vulnerabilities and accelerate time to resolution, whether you’re testing regularly or auditing once a year.


What’s included in the Cobalt PtaaS offering?

Cobalt offers expansive manual penetration testing services with increased speed, a collaborative environment, integrations to speed up remediation, and complimentary retesting. Cobalt buckets pentests into two offerings: Comprehensive Pentesting and Agile Pentesting.

Comprehensive Pentesting encompasses all vulnerability categories across an asset. Primary use cases include compliance testing, customer requests, and M&A due diligence.

Agile Pentesting has a targeted scope focused on a specific piece of an asset or a specific vulnerability across an asset. Primary use cases include new release testing, delta testing, exploitable vulnerability testing, single OWASP category testing, and microservice testing.

Read more about the key benefits of PtaaS.

What’s the difference between PtaaS, security scanners, & traditional penetration testing?

PtaaS brings together some of the best attributes of both security scanners while still leveraging human testers to investigate business logic. Learn more about the difference between traditional pentesting, security scanners, and traditional pentesting. Cobalt also offers a single complimentary DAST target for our platform users.

How soon can I start a pentest using Cobalt’s PtaaS platform?

Customers using the quality at speed offered by a PtaaS platform can start a test in as little as 24 hours, depending on the scope of the test.

How much time is saved with report building when using a PtaaS platform compared to traditional pentesting?

77% of IT security professionals say they don’t receive any findings from pentesters until the final report, which takes an average of 7 weeks. With this, companies report a reduction in time-to-results by 50% compared to traditional consulting engagements.

Does Cobalt offer other services outside of penetration testing to support offensive security programs?

Yes, Cobalt offers a variety of offensive security services ranging from code review to digital risk assessments.

Pentest Program:
Introducing the Pentest Maturity Model

and workflows


Collection and
of Information


Level 1

Ad Hoc
  • Reactive
  • Unstructured
  • Multiple methodologies and tools

  • Haphazard
  • No ground rules
  • Multiple media
  • Manual collection and dissemination
  • Spreadsheets and document
  • Responding to "squeaky wheels"

Level 2

  • Categorize assets
  • Regularly test critical assets
  • Limited flexibility
  • "Preferred" methodologies and tools
  • Ground rules for communications and tasks

  • Online team collaboration tools
  • Standards for collecting data and structuring findings
  • Processes still manual
  • Teams start to set priorities jointly
  • Systems not integrated

Level 3

  • Processes automated
  • More frequent testing and wider coverage
  • Flexibility for unexpected requests
  • Clear responsibilities for tasks
  • Standard team collaboration tool
  • Collection and dissemination of information automated
  • Information and findings maintained centrally
  • Data and analysis guide priorities

Level 4

  • Processes structured and automated
  • Flexibility and fast response
  • Continuous improvement
  • High levels of collaboration
  • Joint problem-solving
  • Automated processes
  • Integration with related systems
  • Short tests support DevOps
  • Analytics guides decisions
  • Pentesting aligned with enterprise priorities

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Sean Tindle,
Senior Analyst at Institutional Shareholder Services
“The use of these new features are a wonderful addition to my everyday work plans. The one stop for Pentest and Web Application Scanning is a game changer for monthly and annual project management!”
Tushar Chandgothia,
VP of Information Security and Risk Management at Kubra

"When we first went with Cobalt it was purely for PCI requirements, but we were looking to scale our program and pentest on a more continuous basis. Cobalt gave us the ability to pentest on a frequent basis with minimum effort from our teams, saving us time and providing us quality results on a consistent basis."


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The PtaaS Book has everything you need to know about a modern approach to pentesting: how it works, what makes it more efficient, and what it does for your security.

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