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Helping Enterprises Stay Secure from Costly Breaches


Boost efficiency and secure stakeholder buy-in with the innovation of Pentest as a Service, plus so much more when you work with Cobalt.
  • Streamline find-to-fix workflows
  • Reduce risk by aligning your pentests to your SDLC
  • Drive DevSecOps agility with integrations to development workflows
  • Demonstrate security impact with automatic reporting
  • Help secure budget and get stakeholder buy-in

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Value Props

Unparalleled Cybersecurity Solutions

Streamlined Risk Reduction, Adaptable Scaling, and Agile DevSecOps

Reduce Security Risk

Stay ahead of cyber threats with our advanced security solutions, featuring comprehensive and agile pentesting that adapts to your unique requirements. Benefit from real-time findings and tailored reporting, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with complimentary retesting for each vulnerability. Our dedicated security consulting services further enhance your protection, ensuring your organization remains secure and resilient.
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Drive DevSecOps Agility

Accelerate your DevSecOps agility with our innovative suite of pentesting tools and security features, including a dedicated Slack channel and in-platform messaging for seamless communication throughout your test. Our coverage checklist ensures comprehensive coverage, while integrations with Jira and GitHub streamline your workflow. Enhance your organization's resilience further with our expert security consulting services, tailored to your unique needs.

Scale with Flexibility

Scale with ease using our innovative suite of tools, including our intuitive pentest wizard and precise asset scoping. Cobalt credits allow you to kick off a test as you need to offer unparalleled adaptability, while the Cobalt Core, a distinguished group of 400+ highly-vetted penetration testers, ensures exceptional expertise.
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