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How Pentest as a Service Fits the DevOps Model for Snow Software

Igor Andriushchenko Director of Engineering, Snow Software

Snow Software looks to Cobalt to fully integrate security.

Snow Software is the global leader in software asset management, helping companies manage a strong technological foundation. As they continue to work with larger-scale companies, operating in the enterprise segment requires strict security requirements. Snow Software frequently releases new features — therefore, they needed Cobalt to ensure security was integrated tightly into all development activities.

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Cobalt provides Snow Software with the capabilities to test applications more frequently and generate reports that suit very different needs, including development, business, and customer needs. The Cobalt platform serves as the base for the pentest, allowing Snow Software the ability to track all activity and findings.

The platform is easily integrable with Jira and GitHub, which makes it seamless for teams to get the new findings in their backlogs as they arrive. Not only that — Cobalt puts companies at ease with quick, skilled pentests. For Snow Software, the lead time was about 48 hours, meaning the pentest could start as soon as they were ready.


Stricter Security

The enterprise segment requires strict security, and Snow Software wanted to ensure they were prepared to remediate potential security issues.

Consistent Integration

With new features being released monthly, security needs to be integrated into all development activities for Snow Software.

DevOps Workflow

As a company that follows the DevOps model, Snow Software was looking for security to be implemented into all DevOps initiatives.


Cobalt's ability to test fast and frequently comes from the Cobalt Core, who are skilled pentesters with a unique, efficient approach to pentesting. This level of expertise allows Snow Software's security team to keep pace with development and releases faster.

Overall, what the company believes unites all of the benefits Cobalt provides for Snow Software is the quick time between when they need a trusted solution and when the result is done.


Quick Testing

Cobalt seamlessly communicated to researchers throughout the pentesting process to spot any critical issues at hand.

Customized Reporting

Customizable reporting from Cobalt helps teams stay up to date with agile approaches.

Seamless Workflow Integrations

Snow Software wanted a platform like Cobalt’s that is easily integrable with Jira and GitHub.

“It’s not about checking the box – we work with Cobalt to make sure that what we shape, we’re certain that there are no security issues”
Igor Andriushchenko Director of Engineering, Snow Software
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“Cobalt is always looking for new ways to revolutionize, to change the industry. They have a good product and we are happy to say out loud that it’s good. We are satisfied, and we will continue to use it”