Get smart with tips for securing AI applications. Register today to learn how to secure your environment with an expanding attack surface.
Get smart with tips for securing AI applications. Register today to learn how to secure your environment with an expanding attack surface.
Cloud Security

Secure your cloud infrastructure

Safeguarding the cloud is essential for businesses of any size or industry. Make sure your security controls work effectively and are configured correctly across all of your cloud services and infrastructure.

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Optimize cloud security in any environment

While moving to the cloud offers many advantages, it can also introduce new risks to your business. Whether you use public or hybrid cloud solutions, AWS, Azure, or GCP, Cobalt can help you secure the cloud. Our services identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and provide actionable remediation recommendations. Assess your cloud security posture using real-world, dynamic scenarios for all of your as-a-service solutions, including infrastructure, platforms, and software.

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Operate with shared responsibility
In a multi-tenant cloud environment, you bear the responsibility to secure what you host. While your cloud service provider may protect the hardware used, authentication and vulnerability mitigation are up to you.
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Secure your dynamic attack surface
With cloud assets getting spun up every day, sprawl can happen quickly. Continuous deployment pipelines make it even more important to integrate security testing seamlessly. Keep up with changes in configurations and deployments to ensure you’re covered.
Improve container hardening
With fast deployments, cloud misconfigurations can pop up easily. Verify authentication and make sure your API keys are secure and encrypted with ongoing testing. Cobalt testers check configurations and known exploits to ensure your container security is optimized.
Keep AI and LLM environments safe
In addition to testing applications that use LLMs, our security experts can also test the cloud infrastructure your AI- and LLM-enabled apps are running on.

Speed. Scale. Resilience.

Cobalt Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) enables you to start testing and see measurable risk reduction faster than traditional pentesting. Tap into a community of 400+ skilled and certified security experts who are well-versed in cloud security best practices and testing methodologies.


Faster than traditional pentesting


Less costly than traditional pentesting

Skilled and certified expertise

The Cobalt Core community of 400+ security experts are trained and certified in cloud security testing methodologies, best practices, and compliance requirements. Test confidently with our cloud security experts guiding you every step of the way. 

“Now, engineers are almost looking forward to testing. They know that the interactions with the pentesters make them better engineers. The pentesters clearly explain security issues and proposed mitigations."

- Adam Surak, Director of Infrastructure at Algolia

More ways to protect your attack surface


Network Security 

Keep everyday operations on track by safeguarding critical systems and data. Uncover, assess, and address vulnerabilities with a proactive network security strategy.


AI/LLM Testing

Pentest your AI- and LLM-enabled apps as well as the cloud networks they're running on.


Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Ensure cloud infrastructure is properly secured and configured per industry and regulatory standards.


Application Security

Count on regular, dynamic testing of your web applications and APIs to release confidently and operate more securely. Tap into on-demand or continuous testing throughout the software development lifecycle.


Dynamic Application Security Testing

Identify security vulnerabilities in your web applications with automated analysis of their behavior during runtime. Get continuous monitoring with dynamic application security scanning  to reduce attackers’ windows of opportunity.


Boost cloud security at scale


On-demand cloud security experts

Our community of trusted testers brings the diversity of expertise you need to eliminate vulnerabilities across your cloud attack surface. 

  • See issues as they’re uncovered so you can immediately mitigate risk. Every minute counts in the cloud.
  • Use our expert understanding of your attack susceptibility to plan, scope, and schedule your pentest.
  • Remediate smarter with real-time guidance, integrated workflows, and unlimited retesting.
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Cloud configuration assessment

Ensure that your infrastructure is properly configured to stay protected against cloud-based attacks. 

  • Identify cloud misconfigurations that may be introducing risk as part of your Cobalt cloud pentest.
  • Receive expert guidance on how to align with cloud security best practices and industry standards.
  • Assess for compliance with frameworks such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, NIST, HIPAA, and more.
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Testing for any major platform

Gain tailored guidance from Cobalt security experts, no matter the makeup of your attack surface and tech stack.

  • Get matched with security experts who are experienced and trained in the technologies of your unique environment, whether your infrastructures in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 
  • Enlist our experts for container hardening services. Our testers check for misconfigurations and known exploits so you can further minimize your attack surface.

Leading innovators count on Cobalt

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Eric Galis,
Chief Information Security Officer at Cengage

“The main benefits that we get from Cobalt are speed, scalability, and repeatability. We’re able to quickly launch and execute pentests; and beyond that, we’re able to see individual findings in real time and relay them to the engineering team so they can start triaging immediately.”


The latest thinking in offensive security

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A Comprehensive Guide to AWS Pentesting

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Take your cloud security to the next level

Empower your security and development teams with Cobalt’s unique combination of a modern SaaS platform and our community of vetted security experts. Trust the pioneers of PtaaS as your security partner across your entire attack surface.

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