See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
Digital Risk Assessment

Identify exposure with a Digital Risk Assessment

Assess your brand from an external adversarial perspective to find security issues and evaluate risk exposure.

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Protect your brand

Uncover publicly accessible risks and threats to your brand reputation. Tap into Cobalt’s offensive security experts to map out your digital footprint that attackers can leverage. Proactively mitigate digital risk before a breach.

Strengthen your security, safeguard your reputation

Understand your threat landscape

Know if publicly available information is making you vulnerable. Identify exposed assets, leaked credentials, and other sensitive information.

Protect your reputation

Detect and mitigate online threats to your brand integrity, including impersonation, fraudulent websites, or malicious content.

Actionable risk mitigation

Perform a Digital Risk Assessment and a Pentest for thorough vulnerability testing, comprehensive security landscape validation, and actionable insights for effective risk mitigation.
OSINT Framework
PAI Methodology
Real-time Collaboration
Findings Reports
Centralized Platform
OSINT Framework

Gain comprehensive insights about potential threats and vulnerabilities using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) services.

PAI Methodology

Leverage Publicly Available Information (PAI) to stay one step ahead of cyber threats, enabling preemptive defense strategies and reducing the risk of successful attacks.

Digital Risk Assessment Findings
Real-time Collaboration

Collaborate with seasoned security experts in real time for faster decision-making and more effective response to emerging threats.

Findings Reports

Get comprehensive findings reports with detailed actionable insights. Our reports include storyboards for greater clarity around actions performed, security risks, remediation strategies, and insight into the threat landscape.

Digital Risk Assessment Storyboard
Centralized Platform

One platform to optimize your offensive security testing efforts Our centralized platform improves efficiency, provides a unified view of risk and remediation, and facilitates collaboration across your organization.

Digital Risk Assessment in the Cobalt Platform

Digging deep into open source intelligence

Cobalt experts search and analyze information from public sources to identify risks.

  • Uncover attempts to identify sensitive or proprietary indexed files, password dumps, data harvesting, and other potential threats.
  • Bring together a wide range of public sources including media, public records, breach or compromise disclosures, cyberattack indicators, and more.
  • Synthesize publicly available information from an attacker’s perspective to identify security issues and assess risk exposure.
Cobalt Approach

A stand-out approach to outsmarting hackers

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Get an attackers’ perspective
  • See how potential attackers can view and exploit your publicly accessible information.
  • Move beyond data aggregation to get a comprehensive understanding of real-world risks so you can proactively address vulnerabilities.
Turn actionable insights into proactive mitigation
  • Go beyond issue and exposure identification with insights that identify high impact actions you can take.
  • Implement targeted security measures to save time and more effectively use your resources.
Take a broader approach
  • Combine digital risk assessment with network penetration testing, red teaming, or social engineering assessments for a more comprehensive risk management approach.
  • Reduce your window of vulnerability with a scalable solution that can help you identify, assess, and rapidly remediate a broad range of risks.

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