Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.
Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.
Brand Protection

Safeguard your reputation and customer trust

Secure your business from potential threats—both inside and outside your organization. Maintain brand integrity and enhance customer trust.

Safeguard customer data and your brand reputation with Cobalt brand protection services.

Take a proactive stance to brand protection

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and financially motivated—and data leaks can do significant damage to your reputation. Cobalt can help you identify and mitigate online risks to keep your brand in good standing. 
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Discover what you might not know about
The first step to securing your brand is identifying digital risk exposures and issues with security controls or policies. We’ll help you discover what sensitive data is already on the public web—from email credentials to exposed IP addresses
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Protect against phishing and social engineering
Even your most well-trained employees can fall prey to sophisticated scams. Prevent unintentional leaks and compromise resulting from email phishing— empower your employees and keep your data safe.
Identify compromised and leaked data
Whether your organization has recently experienced a security incident or is concerned about a potential breach, the first step to mitigating risk is identifying if and what data was compromised—and where it is now. 
Understand potential attack paths
Vulnerabilities at the surface of your corporate environment can provide attackers with entryways to critical systems and data. Address these gaps to prevent further infiltration and escalation.

Protect your most valuable asset—customer trust

Adapt to evolving threats and get ahead of potential compromise with easier, on-demand access to talent. Enlist help from our community of 400+ security experts to keep your brand protected in today’s threat landscape.

“Security is very important for StartEngine and we have been able to tackle the job together with Cobalt to demonstrate this commitment to our customers. Cobalt’s professional services gave us complete confidence that our security program was shaped to our unique needs. “

- Joe Matthews, VP of Engineering at StartEngine

Protect your brand with Cobalt


Digital Risk Assessment

Identify security issues and risk exposures that could impact your company’s data, systems, or brand reputation. We use publicly available information (PAI) and OSINT methodologies to assess your organization from an adversary’s perspective.


Social Engineering

Test your employees’ ability to identify malicious emails and your company’s technical controls. Our white, black, or gray box testing methodologies can be used to uncover your weaknesses and empower your workforce.



Network Pentest Service

Combining Digital Risk Assessment with a network pentest provides a more comprehensive review of your organization’s external attack surface. Learnings from the Digital Risk Assessment, including discovered hosts and password breaches, can inform even better testing and validation.


Expert testing on demand

Protect your brand reputation and customer trust by extending your team with security experts

Put your brand under the microscope from an attacker’s point of view to identify weaknesses and keep sensitive data safe:

  • Tap into talent on demand with our global Cobalt Core community of cybersecurity experts.
  • Get started quickly and take advantage of the latest threat intelligence and testing methodologies.
  • Work collaboratively with our team at every step, improving your overall security posture and empowering your workforce.
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Leading innovators count on Cobalt


The latest thinking in offensive security

Frost & Sullivan Brand Protection
Frost & Sullivan Brand Protection

Uncover the latest trends and proactive measures to protect your organization's digital assets.

Unlock the Power of Digital Risk Assessments
Building Quality & Trust Through a Strong Security Program

Proactively protect and prioritize your brand

Empower your security and development teams with Cobalt’s unique combination of a modern SaaS platform and our community of vetted security experts. Trust the pioneers of PtaaS as your security partner across your entire attack surface.

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