See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.

Modern Pentesting for Developers

Find out why Developers love Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) 

Secure Your Code with Pentesting

As a developer, ensuring your code is secure is crucial.

Pentesting identifies vulnerabilities in applications, networks and APIs, evaluating their risk levels to help organizations secure their code. Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) provides a scalable, efficient solution, granting on-demand access to expert security talent and a modern SaaS delivery platform.

Cobalt's PtaaS platform offers manual testing, centralized data views, and seamless DevSecOps integration, catering to various use cases like compliance testing, new release testing, and microservice testing.

Experience the benefits of Cobalt's comprehensive pentesting approach by exploring our Pentesting Use Cases Brief.

Use Cases

What You Can Do With Cobalt



Integrate pentest findings into your SDLC with Jira and GitHub, or use the Cobalt API, for faster remediation.



Collaborate with Cobalt pentesters through real-time, in-app vulnerability findings. Get quick status updates and discuss details throughout the process with our Slack integration.


Close the remediation loop by submitting your fixed findings for unlimited retesting. Analyze the efficiency of your security program with insights from aggregate pentest data.

Streamline Workflows and Secure Code Faster

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Secure Your Code Faster

The Cobalt Platform can be integrated into your development tools and workflows so that you can fix vulnerabilities quickly with a DevSecOps mindset.


Collaborate with Our Pentesters in Real Time

Ongoing visibility and communication with our testers through the Cobalt Platform leads to faster triage and remediation. 


Post-remediation Peace of Mind: Retest Findings for Free

After you’ve fixed any vulnerabilities identified during a Cobalt pentest, our pentesters will retest to confirm fixed findings -- at no additional cost. 


Take Advantage of Integrations and the Cobalt API

Integrate into your SDLC with Jira and GitHub, or use the Cobalt API to sync with your remediation teams and fix findings faster.
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Agile Pentesting

Cobalt offers Agile Pentesting services, a leaner pentest focused on a specific area of an asset. Agile Pentesting is flexible in nature.

PtaaS API Integrations

The Cobalt API gives you REST access to Orgs, Assets, Pentests, Findings, and Events. Cobalt uses API tokens to allow access to various endpoints such as Jira, GitHub, and more. Read about Cobalt Integrations to see how they can help streamline your find-to-fix workflows.


What Customers Are Saying

Adam Surak
Head of Security
“Now, engineers almost looking forward to testing. They know that the interactions with the pentesters make them better engineers. The pentesters clearly explain security issues and proposed mitigations. Then our engineers can review the findings, ask questions and bring their own expertise to the mitigation process. Together, we come up with solutions that benefit our customers. It is no longer a burden for engineers to be included in the pentesting process. In fact, Cobalt works exactly how you want a penetration test to work.”
Rainer Möller
Lead Solutions Architect
“It wasn't just getting a PDF report at the end of a test, it was an interactive experience [with Cobalt]. We were constantly in the feedback loop, talking directly with researchers to dig into the details of findings.”
Brett Bender
VP of Engineering
“The pentesters and Cobalt did an outstanding job. They were able to deliver both the coverage of a vulnerability assessment and the depth of a penetration test. Additionally, this was all at a very sensible price point.”
David Patrick
Director of Engineering
"We had a few findings requiring engineering effort. Once we addressed them after the pentest was completed, the Cobalt pentesters immediately started retesting and we were confident the findings had been remediated, retested, and accurately reflected on the Cobalt platform and report. Although we were told about free retesting in the sales pitch, seeing it in action was amazing. Cobalt delivered by retesting quickly and updating the report accordingly."

Resources on Pentesting and Appsec

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Customized Pentest Services

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to learn about a more customized pentest, from micro engagements to continuous testing. As one of the world’s leading security penetration testing companies, we offer services customized to your testing needs.