Learn how Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) model makes you faster, better, and more efficient.
Learn how Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) model makes you faster, better, and more efficient.

PtaaS Integrations

Scale your pentest program and effectively manage data across workflows with technology integrations.

Cobalt equips security and development teams with tools to automate repetitive tasks, analyze vulnerabilities holistically, and align pentesting to the SDLC.


Boost efficiency and secure stakeholder buy-in with the innovation of PtaaS.
  • Streamline find-to-fix workflows
  • Reduce risk by aligning your pentests to your SDLC
  • Drive DevSecOps agility with integrations to development workflows
  • Demonstrate security impact with automatic reporting
  • Help secure budget and get stakeholder buy-in

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Streamline security vulnerability remediation with Jira Cloud or Server integration

Leverage our bi-directional Jira integration to automatically create tickets for your pentest findings. Enhance efficiency by auto-retesting vulnerabilities when marked as done in Jira, ensuring seamless collaboration between security and development teams.



Boost security and trackability with GitHub integration

Maximize the power of our GitHub integration, which creates and tracks issues for every pentest finding in your chosen repository. Manage multiple pentests at the same time and empower your development team to swiftly address vulnerabilities and enhance your application's security posture. 




Communicate with testers in real time with the Slack integration

A dedicated Slack channel can be joined right from the pentest brief, enabling you to receive quick status updates and to discuss details with pentesters throughout the process.


Improve remediation and security with Azure DevOps integration.

Integrate with Azure DevOps to create work items for your Cobalt findings and streamline your remediation workflows.



Pull Cobalt pentest information into OneTrust’s GRC & Security Assurance platform (previously Tugboat Logic)

With the OneTrust integration, you can pull in Cobalt assets, pentests, and findings as evidence for security assessments.



Jupiter One


Analyze pentest data using JupiterOne’s query and visualization tool

With the JupiterOne integration, you can import Cobalt data, visualize assets, query pentest data, and create alerts for findings. 

Defect Dojo

Get an overview of your findings and risk in DefectDojo

With the DefectDojo integration, you can import Cobalt pentest findings using the Cobalt API.

Kenna Security

Get an overview of your findings and risks in Kenna Security

The Kenna Security integration allows you to import all Cobalt findings  through a single line command. 

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Integrate Cobalt findings into the compliance operating system

Connect a Cobalt plugin to to collect evidence for compliance purposes

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Import Cobalt findings into a PlexTrac report to aggregate alongside your other security knowledge and data sources

The Plextrac integrations enables Cobalt customers to seamlessly import their pentest findings into a Plextrac report, for aggregation, analysis, and remediation alongside other security data sources.

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Patrick Murray
Chief Product Officer of Tugboat Logic
“The Cobalt API provides companies with an automated way to improve their security posture and maintain compliance. By integrating key pentest findings directly into security and development tools, customers can automate the process of collecting evidence of their pentest to their auditors, while also ensuring that all findings are remediated. Cobalt’s PtaaS model is helping the industry move in the direction of more frequent pentests, which provides greater assurance than traditional annual, manual pentests.”
Customer Card_Pendo
Chuck Kesler
CISO Pendo
“Being able to interact with findings in the platform and discuss them through Slack makes for a much more efficient process. We’ve been able to get into it and engage with the findings there, which is a big improvement on the old process.”
Customer Card_Smarsh
Mandy Huth
Director of Information Security Smarsh

“With the Cobalt platform, you fill out exactly what you want them to test, and they’re ready for you as quickly as you can be ready. As soon as I gave them the information, they’re there, and they identified the resources. It was only a matter of days to get the right resources and kick us off. And once I was up and running, I really loved the way that Cobalt used the Slack channel to keep us updated.”

White Paper
State of Pentesting 2023
Our 5th edition of The State of Pentesting explores this question, tapping into data from 3,100 pentests and over 1000 responses from security practitioners in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.