Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.
Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.

Cobalt helped Smarsh achieve faster time to remediation and a stronger security posture

With Cobalt’s PtaaS platform, Smarsh has dramatically improved its security visibility, enabling it to quickly address potential risks and improve its overall security posture.

Smarsh is a global leader in electronic communications archiving solutions for regulated organizations. Its capture, archiving, supervision, and e-discovery solutions enable customers in banking, financial services, and government to easily manage compliance and risk in their communications data. To gain the confidence of those customers, Smarsh also had to demonstrate its own compliance and security capabilities. 



Customer Confidence

Smarsh wanted to demonstrate its own strong security and compliance posture to customers.

Risk Visibility

The company lacked visibility and detailed reporting on risks.

Long Pentesting Lifecycle

Smarsh needed more flexibility and a faster turnaround time with retesting windows so it could respond quickly to potential risks.


Fast Time to Value

Cobalt launched Smarsh's pentest engagement in just a few days with the right resources ready to go.

Increased Efficiency

Real-time updates enabled faster remediation time.

Faster Development Time

Jira integration supports existing development processes to optimize product releases and accelerate cycle time.

Unlike traditional pentesting services, Cobalt made setup and launch a fast and easy process for the Smarsh team. As soon as Smarsh indicated what it wanted to test using the Cobalt platform, the right pentest resources were identified and the project kicked off.

Cobalt's community of pentesters and Smarsh’s development teams use Slack as a means of immediate interaction. This lets the development teams know exactly what’s going on and what the pentesters are observing. At the same time, if pentesters suspect they might be dealing with a false positive, they can instantly validate with Smarsh and quickly move on.

Before partnering with Cobalt, Smarsh had to wait until it received all remediations and then retest all at once, further slowing the process. 

Cobalt allows the Smarsh team to retest fixes immediately, speeding development cycles and increasing confidence in what it is providing to customers. The Cobalt platform also provides comprehensive and intuitive reporting, further improving Smarsh’s efficiency and its ability to provide valuable insights across stakeholder types.

Using Cobalt for PtaaS has saved Smarsh valuable time and money. Equally important, Smarsh is able to use what it learns from Cobalt’s pentesting to quickly close any potential security gaps and improve its overall security posture.

“To gain the confidence of our customers, we had to demonstrate our own robust compliance and security capabilities.”



“With the Cobalt platform, you fill out exactly what you want them to test, and they're ready for you as quickly as you can be ready. As soon as I gave them the information, they're there, and they identified the resources. It was only a matter of days to get the right resources and kick us off. And once I was up and running, I really loved the way that Cobalt used the Slack channel to keep us updated.”