Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.
Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.

Phishing services

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with realistic scenarios that test your technical controls and security awareness training.


Gauge the effectiveness of your security awareness training and technical controls

One of the most common causes of a breach is a successful phishing campaign. Between targeted attacks against your C-suite with whaling or traditional employee focused phishing campaigns, it is important to understand how your controls and users stack up against these increasingly sophisticated attack methods.

Evaluate your company’s susceptibility to electronic social engineering attacks and educate employees about recognizing and mitigating such threats.

Attackers target sensitive data. Are you secure?

Phishing attacks are a modern-day menace for businesses, targeting their sensitive data. The increasing sophistication of these attacks presents a daunting challenge for companies.

Ensure coverage from technical controls

Optimize your technical safeguards. Our phishing services identify potential vulnerabilities in your systems, such as multi-factor authentication, email filtering, and other intrusion detection mechanisms. Ensure your controls effectively thwart potential attackers while testing payload impact.

Ensure your environment is holistically tested for vulnerabilities

Work with Cobalt’s seasoned Security Consultants to understand exactly what you need from technical controls to end-user testing.
  • Improve employee awareness
  • Fine-tune technical controls
  • Shield your brand against successful phishing attacks
  • Ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met
  • Enhanced security policies
  • Approach security proactively

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Mathew Yanovsky
Director, Information Security
“We used Cobalt for social engineering and phishing simulation as part of our annual pentesting. We were impressed with the quality of the campaign and the speed.”
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Henning Christiansen
Chief Information Security Officer, Axel Springer
“Part of protecting information, part of protecting data is to show that you're regularly checking whether there are any security issues. And this model that we have set up with Cobalt, the continuous security monitoring, helps a lot.”
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Ryan Stinson
Cloud Security & Risk, Hubspot
"Cobalt’s platform makes it really easy to spin up new engagements and, in a flexible way, target the kinds of things that are potentially worrisome to get hard-hitting and valuable results out of that engagement"

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