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Christian Hansen

Christian Hansen is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Cobalt. He’s focused on scaling the company and driving sustainable growth, as well as advancing product development through effective cross-functional partnerships with Product and Engineering.

How We Run Hackathons at Cobalt

This post is the second in a series of three posts about hackathons at Cobalt. Read the first one "Why We Do Hackathons...
Jul 13, 2021
Est Read Time: 5 min

Why We Do Hackathons at Cobalt

Create a culture of innovation At Cobalt, we want to create a culture of innovation. We started off very well in 2013...
Jun 23, 2021
Est Read Time: 2 min

UX-Friendly Enumeration Protection in Ruby on Rails

How to avoid revealing the existence of records to attackers in web applications, while keeping a good user experience...
May 23, 2017
Est Read Time: 4 min