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Matt Cooper

Matt leads the Security & Compliance team at Vanta. He has spent his 20+ year career in security and information technology. Prior to joining Vanta, Matt was the US Director for the Cyber, Risk & Advisory practice at BSI where he led an information security consultancy providing risk management and readiness consulting for common industry frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI. Matt also led the US Data Privacy practice and worked as a contract Data Protection Officer (DPO) for customers in ad-tech, healthcare, and marketing, helping customers comply with ever changing global data privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA. At Vanta Matt works closely with audit partners, advises customers on security and compliance, and provides input to the product team.

How to Define & Prepare Your PHI for a HIPAA Pentest

What is HIPAA Compliance? HIPAA, the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was signed into law on...
Jul 6, 2021
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