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Secure Code Review Services

Secure code review services empower organizations to have their code peer-reviewed as a second layer of defense prior to deployment.

As the modern world continues to digitize, businesses of all types become increasingly dependent on their code being secure to avoid common exploits, ensure functionality, and provide customers with a positive experience.

Yet, the increased demand for more software means there’s little time to waste when releasing new code. Companies seeking to launch and maintain secure code often turn to code review services to increase their speed to market.

These services provide an expert peer review of your code prior to launch to identify vulnerabilities and prevent a future breach. Companies can rest assured that they’ve taken the necessary steps to secure any new digital infrastructure or assets.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how these code review services function and what customers can expect as an end result.

Secure Code Review: Proactively Prevent Instead of Reactively Fix

Businesses can save time and money when they proactively review their codebase instead of reactively applying patches. The cybersecurity professional services offered by the experienced security team at Cobalt help firms do just that.

Not only can companies find and fix bugs in their code through a code review service provider, but they also benefit from an external perspective resulting in a more detailed, comprehensive view of your application security.

Through the review process, our team of experts will review your codebase to ensure it’s ready to ship without bugs that expose vulnerabilities. This will save time and ensure the proper security of the code once it reaches production.

Why is secure code review important?

A secure code review ensures that your code is ready to handle the threats posed by attackers in the real world. Without it, companies risk deploying new code with vulnerabilities. Creating a situation where reactively remediating vulnerabilities becomes more timely and thus, more expensive than catching them in the development environment.

Furthermore, code review can help developers become more efficient with regard to their code’s security. Developers often repeat the same security mistakes more than once. Since there are many ways to shoe a horse, sometimes an external perspective brings about a new paradigm of thought for development teams. This added benefit isn’t guaranteed but often occurs naturally with code review services.

Code Review Process

Depending on when the last review occurred, a secure code review service may be critical. We base the code review process on the needs of the customer and their use of applications. At Cobalt, we aim to meet teams where they are; to not only bring the service itself to reality but also ensure customers get as much value as possible with each review.

Here at Cobalt, we’re happy to announce secure code review services to meet customers’ additional cybersecurity needs outside of Cobalt’s innovative Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform. For companies of all sizes, Cobalt’s team of cybersecurity experts aim to improve your code with the necessary review to provide a proper baseline of security.

To learn more about Cobalt’s code review services and other professional cybersecurity offerings contact our team today.

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