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Cybersecurity Advisory and Consulting Services

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With cybersecurity risk on the rise, estimates show companies will lose nearly $6 trillion dollars to breaches in 2021 alone. This alarming rise in digital crime does not appear to be slowing down. By 2025, forecasts show breaches could cost companies $10 trillion dollars globally. To combat this, businesses around the world must consider a more proactive approach to their cybersecurity programs.

Companies face many risks from a breach including financial data loss, personally identifiable information, or intellectual property; not to mention the public relations nightmare breaches create for companies.

Cobalt’s cybersecurity advisory services offer companies the information security expertise necessary to secure a digital environment in the 21st century.

Service Overview

1. Security Strategy & Program Design

Gain access to security consultants to help guide your security program.

With security strategy and program design services, companies can rest assured they’ll have expert guidance through the uncertain nature of cybersecurity. The Cobalt advisory team can help define a clear path ahead, enabling companies to focus on their strengths and filling the gaps where they might lack expertise or talent.

Furthermore, due to many new technologies flooding the security market, this service helps companies guide your security program in the right direction. For example, by understanding where on the cybersecurity maturity model your company operates today, our expert consultants can help select the next processes or technology stacks needed to further your maturity.

2. DevSecOps

Shifting left continues to be a core goal of the development and security sectors. Shift left refers to implementing security practices earlier in the dynamic development cycle.

Since there’s no exact method to shift left, with variations across companies and industries, each company must take into account its specific processes and infrastructure. Cobalt’s consultants can guide your teams through this process, and draft a plan that takes into account the needs of both security and development. Implementing a strong strategy for your cybersecurity program will empower the program to be executed upon more thoroughly and easily.

3. Risk Assessment

While creating a risk assessment, companies should lean on known methodologies, implementation strategies, and other best practices. Through this process, Cobalt offers customers a detailed risk assessment playbook template to guide businesses through this heavily technical process.

4. Incident Handling & Analysis

After a breach or incident, companies should react quickly to understand and mitigate the impact. Oftentimes, deploying the appropriate mitigations after a breach will help to alleviate the final costs of a breach. Stopping chain exploits and removing business logic exploits are two ways to stop an attack after they’ve successfully breached a network or application.

With additional guidance available to help with these tough analyses and decisions, Cobalt also assists with insurance-related aspects. For companies yet to experience a breach, Cobalt can guide how to best prepare for a potential incident proactively.

5. Security Training

Lastly, security training empowers companies to ensure their people, processes, and systems align with cybersecurity best practices. Our consultants work to determine what level of security training would benefit your specific business by identifying who should be trained on what. Furthermore, the service offers customers best practice training templates to ensure all bases are covered.

Cobalt’s Trusted Cybersecurity Solutions

At Cobalt, a team of trusted cybersecurity professionals provides companies of all sizes with the right amount of cybersecurity expertise to match their needs. Our team tailors the advisory services to fit your exact needs while aiming to maximize the budget to be most impactful.

Companies seeking to improve their security posture would benefit from the strategic advice.

Benefits of Cobalt’s Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Benefits Cobalts Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Other Key Benefits Include:
  • Quick access to security expertise and strategic guidance
  • Bridge gaps in security resourcing
  • Access to best-practice templates
  • Ensure complex security decisions aren’t made in a vacuum

Learn more about how Cobalt’s cybersecurity advisory services benefit companies small and large. Contact our team to get started with these valuable security advisory services.

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