Black Hat | Def Con 2024
Are you attending Black Hat? Meet the Cobalt team and Core at booth #2913!
Black Hat | Def Con 2024
Are you attending Black Hat? Meet the Cobalt team and Core at booth #2913!

Get to Know Marion Sornette, Cobalt's Sr. Customer Success Manager

Marion's role starts when a company decides to work with Cobalt to set up a pentest program.

Welcome, Marion! Tell us a bit about yourself and where you're based.

I grew up near Toulouse in the South West of France, and I lived in a few countries during my studies before settling down in Berlin in 2015. Before joining Cobalt, I worked at a SaaS company for three years in different roles: business development, technical support, and customer success. I learned a lot about how web applications and APIs work, troubleshooting technical issues clients could face, and what supportive culture and hyper-growth in a startup environment look like.

What do you do here at Cobalt?

As a Sr. Customer Success Manager, my role starts when a company decides to work with Cobalt to set up its pentest program. From then on, I focus on understanding their goals and expectations, and essentially what value pentesting brings to them and how Cobalt can deliver on that.

How will customers and partners feel the impact of the work you're doing?

Customers come to Cobalt and pentesting for many different reasons. By understanding their goals, how they want to achieve them, and how their organizations work, we aim to customize their experience to focus on what is meaningful to them.

What attracted you to the role? What are you most excited about over the next 6-12 months?

The founders I talked to during the interview process first attracted me to the role, along the chance to be the first Customer Success Manager in our very recent Berlin office at the time. It was a big challenge to start in a new industry and to be responsible for maintaining a high level of service to our European customers.

What motivated you to enter into the field you’re in? What motivates you now as an experienced professional?

Security was completely new to me, but the challenges of secure data online are known to many. Combining data security with Customer Success in this field means that we are helping our customers improve their security posture and participate in building a safer Internet.

What's your ideal superpower?

My ideal superpower would be teleportation — not only because it would make everyone’s life easier, but because we would instantly get rid of the need for cars and make our cities much more walkable and cyclable.

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