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New Report: A Comprehensive Analysis of Pentest Vendors

“The Magic Cube” by Osterman Research evaluates providers against talent, delivery, and value

“The Magic Cube” by Osterman Research evaluates providers against talent, delivery, and value

A new series of white papers featuring Cobalt is out, covering the strongest contenders in the pentest industry from assurance consultancies, boutique security consultancies, managed bug bounty, security technology companies, and Pentest as a Service (PtaaS).

As cybercrime intensifies and attack surfaces widen, the demand for penetration testing has increased exponentially. What was once a niche skillset has transformed into a global workforce and a multibillion dollar industry. Despite pentesting’s transformation, information on the industry remains obfuscated. Even when a buyer has identified a decent list of qualified pentest providers, the lack of standardization in delivery models makes comparing vendors increasingly challenging.

To help customers make informed choices about pentesting, Osterman Research produced a comprehensive three-part series on the industry featuring Cobalt.io.

The first report provides the history and background of pentesting, including barriers to the procurement process. The second report analyzes the eight strongest pentest providers in three categories: assurance consultancies, boutique security consultancies, and managed bug bounty. The final report analyzes five pentest providers in PtaaS and security technology firms.

We’re excited that this report series highlights Cobalt’s unique position in the pentest industry as a disrupter to the outdated, traditional pentest model. Subscribe to Osterman Research to read the reports.

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Jacob Hansen is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cobalt. Jacob and his team are on a mission to evolve the traditional pentesting model by engaging the best cybersecurity talent, via Cobalt’s PtaaS platform, and allowing customers to move from a static pentest to platform-driven pentest programs that drive better security and improve ROI. More By Jacob Hansen