Get smart with tips for securing AI applications. Register today to learn how to secure your environment with an expanding attack surface.
Get smart with tips for securing AI applications. Register today to learn how to secure your environment with an expanding attack surface.

Strengthen Your Security Posture with Cobalt’s Cybersecurity Services

Access professional cybersecurity services with the expert team at Cobalt.

At Cobalt, we keep our customers’ security top of mind. That’s why we are delighted to announce the launch of our Cobalt Cybersecurity Services. This set of five different offerings is designed to boost the maturity of your organization’s current security program, and through strategic services, also enable security teams to offer the utmost value to their company.

What cybersecurity services does Cobalt offer?

Pentest Program Management

Cobalt partners with your organization to provide the strategic guidance needed to take your pentesting program to the next level. Our seasoned security consultants are here to help with asset identification, prioritization, pentest setup, integration support, recurring security roundtables, and more.

Key benefits include improved overall security posture through a matured pentest program and optimization throughout the pentest process with your team, including:

  • Technical scoping
  • Strategic planning
  • Quarterly Maturity Assessments and more

For more information, download our Pentest Program Manager brief.

Phishing Engagements

Did you know that successful phishing attacks are one of the most common causes of a cyber breach?

It’s important to understand how your controls and users stack up to this attack method. Cobalt’s seasoned Security Consultants work directly with you to understand exactly what you need tested and to build a custom program.

For more information, download our Phishing Engagements brief.

IoT & Device Testing

With Cobalt’s IoT and Device Testing, you can ensure that physical access, or proximity, to your company’s IoT devices doesn’t leave you unnecessarily vulnerable. Our engineers go beyond normal network and application pentesting techniques and focus on hardware, firmware, and radio communication vulnerabilities.

For more information, download our IoT & Device Testing brief.

Red Teaming

Cobalt’s Red Teaming services are an extension of our modern streamlined pentesting platform. Our security experts will define the scope of work and timelines before kicking off the testing process. Testing is transparent and collaborative, with a few of the key benefits including:

  • Test the strength of your defenses
  • Better understand your unique technical risk
  • Validate your security posture to executives

For more information, download our Red Teaming brief.

Code Review

Code is a critical business asset — not only does it contain all of the critical details of your application’s functionality, it also holds insights into hidden, exploitable vulnerabilities. Our experienced engineers are equipped with the right skills to review code and identify vulnerabilities that can prevent a future breach.

For more information, download our Code Review brief.

It’s time to take the next step to drive your business forward efficiently and securely. Cobalt’s Cybersecurity Services offer your business results-driven benefits, fully guided by skilled security professionals. Interested in learning more?New call-to-action

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