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Cybersecurity Insights (3)

The Resource Gap and Compliance Framework Overlap

Learn more about approaches companies can employ to address the resource gap without sacrificing security.
Feb 22, 2022
Est Read Time: 1 min

Cyber Insurance – The Important Cyber Security Puzzle Piece

Cyber incidents are on the rise, and the threats faced by businesses increase with each passing year. With that in...
Feb 14, 2022
Est Read Time: 1 min

Top Cybersecurity Statistics for 2022

Cybercriminals are not going to stop now, so it’s important to stay in the know about trends that affect 2022.
Feb 9, 2022
Est Read Time: 8 min

How to Strengthen Cybersecurity with Terraform, Sumo Logic, and GCP

Learn what processes and tools Cobalt uses to govern and improve its security posture.
Jan 24, 2022
Est Read Time: 9 min

Types of Security Risks that Threaten Schools

Data security is a high priority across industries. This includes the education sector where confidential files and...
Dec 20, 2021
Est Read Time: 1 min

Pentesting vs DAST: What is Your DAST Tool Missing?

The uptick in technology and a digital-first approach to business provides many benefits. However, it also creates...
Dec 3, 2021
Est Read Time: 1 min

Looking back: Our Most Popular Blogs for 2021

The holidays are typically a busy time of year filled with gifts, celebrations, and all kinds of cheer. It’s also a...
Dec 1, 2021
Est Read Time: 1 min

Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Event

Cobalt hosted SecTalks 2021 last month — a virtual cybersecurity conference with proven strategies from experts on ways...
Nov 24, 2021
Est Read Time: 1 min

What Is Sensitive Data?

With large amounts of data processed each day by IT systems and networks, it’s imperative that organizations know how...
Nov 22, 2021
Est Read Time: 1 min
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