Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.
Need to fast-track your pentesting? Our experts make it easy.

GoReact increases pentesting speed, collaboration, and integration with Cobalt

GoReact works with Cobalt to meet higher education’s relentless standards for robust security. 

GoReact is the leader in video-based assessment software to save educators time and help students develop skills faster. Higher education customers use GoReact to easily capture videos of students for assessment of vital skills and advanced feedback. The unlimited amount of video storage is securely hosted in the cloud, so recording, viewing, and grading can happen anytime and anywhere.

All videos are private by default, and GoReact uses enterprise-grade encryption, security, and data controls. Because it’s subject to myriad data compliance controls, GoReact needs a fast, thorough, and repeatable approach to security testing for its application and its cloud-hosted AWS. Cobalt offered the accurate scoping and ‘all-in-one’ solution that could handle GoReact’s pentesting needs at a reasonable price.


Need to Maximize Resources

GoReact needed to maximize its testing budget and internal resources.

Compliance Controls

Compliance mandates in higher ed demand regular testing.

Scoping Requirements

Providing accurate testing scope at the outset had been a challenge for previous pentest vendors.


Expert Analysis

Automated access of Cobalt’s exclusive community of pentesters helps resolve issues effectively.

Better Pentest Reports

Cobalt’s clear, repeatable results put GoReact’s customers at ease.

Increased Efficiency

With automated updates from Cobalt issues are addressed right away.

With ongoing compliance requirements for higher education like HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, and CCPA, GoReact needs a repeatable, scalable approach to regular pentesting. Previous testing providers could not accurately capture the scope of testing, and delivered long, generic reports with issues that were difficult to reproduce or fully understand. If further clarification or testing was requested, additional fees were applied.

“The Cobalt platform provided a direct channel we could use to communicate and collaborate with our pentesters. We received automatic updates and asked questions throughout the testing. This was a vast improvement over previous pentesting service providers that offered no correspondence and were more of a black box.”



Cobalt worked with GoReact from the start to gather critical input for a successful, cost-effective engagement. The Cobalt platform provided detailed guidance for how to scope the pentest based on the assets, objectives, and desired coverage level.

GoReact can leave feedback or ask questions either in Slack, or within the platform under “Findings,” which sends messages straight to pentesters. Overall, the Cobalt platform affords more accurate scoping, greater efficiency in testing, and better reporting and analysis to meet compliance and customer needs.

“Cobalt’s detailed reporting gives us — and more importantly, our customers — peace of mind that we are meeting high security and compliance standards.”