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When companies work together to provide better solutions for their clients, everyone wins. That’s why we’ve developed the Cobalt partner network, a group of leading cybersecurity technology companies and consulting firms providing organizations with the solutions and strategies they need to strengthen their security posture.

Whether your clients are looking to improve their security posture, obtain compliance, or apply for cyber insurance, Cobalt will help you fulfill their pentesting requirements. Learn more about our partners and how you can get involved.

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What's included in the partner program

We’re looking for like-minded sales partners who can effectively articulate the value of our solution to help customers remediate risk quickly and innovate securely. Our expert team will provide you with all the marketing and technical training you need, enabling you to effectively position and sell Cobalt to your customers.

  • Earn referral fees, resell credits and offer preferred pricing to your clients
  • Provide your clients with a fast, reliable and quality pentest
  • Access to training tools, content and technical support
  • Marketing and selling partnership

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What our partners say

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Mark Aguilar
Partner Manager at Tugboat
“Partnering with Cobalt was a no-brainer for us, as they are an excellent partner when it comes to penetration testing. Their Pentest as a Service platform simplified the process for our clients in need of pen testing expertise for their security and compliance initiatives. Additionally, our partnership helped us reach new business opportunities through collaboration and providing security assurance to new markets.”
Taylor Hersom
Founder & CEO at Eden Data
“Organizations like Cobalt and Eden Data are here to keep your operations running while you’re building your team and expanding your organization’s technology stack, while also serving as a trusted advisor to avoid those potholes on your road to success!”
Anna Eichinger
Marketing Manager at Ectacom
With the partnership, ectacom customers are now empowered with an effective platform through which they can fine-tune their security policies, patch their applications and/or networks, identify common weaknesses across applications, and in general strengthen their entire security posture.

Cobalt partner blogs

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Organizations like Cobalt and Eden Data are here to keep your operations running while you’re building your team and expanding your organization’s technology stack.
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