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Cobalt Pricing & Packaging

Modern Pentesting for All
Cobalt offers a flexible, on-demand consumption model to meet the modern pentesting needs of all security and development teams. Explore Cobalt’s offerings below to determine the right package for your budget and testing goals.

For teams in need of a speedy,
annual pentest to meet
a compliance need
or client request.

  • Pentest Start Time Within 3 Business Days
  • Self-Service Platform with Google OAUTH 2.0 & 2FA
  • Best Practice Methodology + Pentest Coverage Checklist
  • Detailed Findings with Recommended Fixes
  • Real-time Collaboration with Pentesters via Slack and Platform
  • Cobalt API
  • Free Retesting

For teams looking to build
a structured pentest program
to meet compliance needs and
improve overall security.

Includes Everything in Standard, Plus:
  • Pentest Start Time Within 2 Business Days
  • Named Customer Success Manager (CSM)
  • Native Integrations (Jira, GitHub)
  • Customizable Reports
  • Onboarding for Teams
  • Annual Strategic Planning
Custom Pricing

For teams looking to scale their pentest programs to meet compliance needs, increase testing frequency, and improve overall security.

Includes Everything in Premium, Plus:
  • Pentest Start Time Within 1 Business Day
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning
  • SAML-Based SSO
  • Quarterly Maturity Assessments
  • Dedicated Pentester Region
  • Up to 10% Annual Credit Rollover

Compare What's Offered in Each Tier

Self-Service Platform with
google oauth 2.0 & 2fa

best practice methodology +
coverage checklist
detailed findings
with recommended fixes
real-time collaboration via slack and the platform
cobalt api
start pentest within
free retesting
customer success team
native integrations (jira, github)
customizable reports
strategic planning
saml-based sso
quarterly maturity assessment
dedicated pentester region
credit rollover


3 Business Days
6 Months


2 Business Days
12 Months
Named CSM
Security + 1 Dev Team


1 Business Day
12 Months
Named CSM
All Teams
Up to 10%

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Cobalt Credits Provide a Flexible Consumption Model

Credits provide flexibility in both planning and executing pentests. They are sold in annual packages that include asset scoping, retesting, unlimited platform access, and more.

You can think of a Cobalt Credit as a virtual voucher that you consume whenever a pentesting need arises, meaning you can get a pentest up and running within days, compared to weeks with traditional services. Instead of being tied to a traditional ‘all in scope’ assessment, you can tailor and distribute the amount of work based on the complexity of your asset(s).

Discounts are available for purchases of 10+ credits or multi-year deals.
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