See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
Dynamic Application Security Testing

Optimize application security, maximize performance

Continuously monitor web applications for vulnerabilities and security issues at scale. With real-time perspective, you can address issues proactively and efficiently reduce risk.

Cobalt DAST

Improve application security with automated vulnerability scanning

Demonstrate your commitment to security with Cobalt Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanner. Any enterprise that depends on web applications and online services can seamlessly implement automation to continuously identify risk and deepen trust. No matter the frequency of updates, patches, and new features, DAST helps you stay on top of vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation.

Make security an ongoing priority

Improved visibility

Explore every corner of your web applications, giving your team complete visibility through automated vulnerability scanning.

Quality results

Our web vulnerability scanner has a near-zero false positive rate. Every detected vulnerability is a genuine threat that demands your attention, streamlining your security team's efforts for maximum efficiency.

Continuous testing

Count on Cobalt for secure code review, penetration testing, and DAST to streamline your security efforts and ensure an integrated approach to securing your applications.
Continuous Coverage
Reduce False Positives
Authenticated Scans
Validate Remediation
Detailed Report
Continuous Coverage

Continuously monitor web applications for vulnerabilities and security issues with automation. Ensure any recently introduced vulnerabilities are promptly identified, reducing the window of opportunity for potential attackers to exploit.

Reduce False Positives

Prioritize real threats with industry-leading coverage that automatically crawls every aspect of your web application, combined with modern technology to reduce false positives.

Authenticated Scans

Go deep into your web application with authenticated scans through login form authentication.

Validate Remediation

Retest vulnerabilities at no cost, to verify remediation efforts and ensure comprehensive regression testing.

Detailed Report

Meet compliance standards with automated reports that serve as proof of continuous security testing.


DAST and PtaaS for continuous protection

Mature your offensive security strategy with a PtaaS provider that brings together manual pentests and automated scans for full visibility of your web application risk all on a single platform.

  • Prevent delays and ensure fewer risks with ongoing scanning and security checks throughout the SDLC.
  • Get real-time results with an average scan time of 2 hours to find and fix vulnerabilities faster - saving your team hundreds of hours.
  • Manage vulnerabilities in one platform, simplifying your workflow and streamlining operations.

Continuous testing for continuous insights

Increase efficiency
  • Automation accelerates the testing process with an average scan time of two hours
  • Advanced fingerprinting recognizes popular web applications and technologies to optimize tests
  • Confirm quality of coverage with easy to access crawl reports
Build trust
  • Instill confidence in customers that sensitive data is protected with proof of testing through automatically generated security reports
  • Meet compliance requirements for securing web applications
Mature your offensive security strategy
  • Up-level application security with continuous monitoring to supplement your manual pentest program
  • Streamline efforts with a single vendor that can integrate both PtaaS and DAST

Test more with Cobalt

Cobalt gives you a collective view of asset risk and overall security posture across automated tooling and manual pentests in a single platform.


fewer resources required to conduct web application security test


improvement in risk trend over 6 months

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Sean Tindle,
Senior Analyst at Institutional Shareholder Services
“The use of these new features are a wonderful addition to my everyday work plans. The one stop for Pentest and Web Application Scanning is a game changer for monthly and annual project management!”
Tushar Chandgothia,
VP of Information Security and Risk Management at Kubra

"When we first went with Cobalt it was purely for PCI requirements, but we were looking to scale our program and pentest on a more continuous basis. Cobalt gave us the ability to pentest on a frequent basis with minimum effort from our teams, saving us time and providing us quality results on a consistent basis."


The latest thinking in offensive security

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Brief
Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Brief

Gain an additional layer of security with continuous vulnerability monitoring of web applications.

Securing the SDLC

Embrace Secure SDLC practices and integrate security seamlessly from day one. Find out how in our downloadable Secure your SDLC Guide.

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Learn about the difference between cybersecurity scanners, bug bounty programs, and manual penetration testing.


Ready to up-level your offensive security?

Empower your security and development teams with Cobalt’s unique combination of a modern SaaS platform and our community of vetted security experts. Trust the pioneers of PtaaS as your security partner across all of your assets and attack surfaces.

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