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Jacob Hansen

Co-founder, Cobalt Board Member

Jacob Hansen is Co-founder, a board member, and former CEO at Cobalt.

Jacob and his team are on a mission to evolve the traditional pentesting model by engaging the best cybersecurity talent, via Cobalt’s PtaaS platform, and allowing customers to move from a static pentest to platform-driven pentest programs that drive better security and improve ROI. 

Previously, Jacob was a consultant at Accenture, where he delivered Enterprise IT Solutions for Fortune 1000 clients. As an advocate for a distributed workforce and cybersecurity innovation, Jacob has been featured in multiple major media publications and conferences internationally. Jacob’s passion for technology extends to his personal life, where he is a crypto enthusiast and Co-Founder of, a non-profit dedicated to sharing stories of bitcoin adoption around the world. 

Jacob received his Masters in Applied Economics and Finance at Copenhagen Business School as well as UCLA.