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Cobalt. Connected Intelligent Security.

Today Crowdcurity becomes Cobalt.

Today Crowdcurity becomes Cobalt.

Over the last few decades, technology has transformed the world to become more connected, global and intelligent. While many domains have been infused with technology, the security workforce is still siloed, inaccessible to most and low-tech.

For the past two years, we have been working tirelessly to change this. By seamlessly connecting businesses to security researchers, we make security more accessible while opening up new possibilities for researchers and businesses. In the process we have helped 200+ businesses become more secure and every day we empower researchers like Cyberboy, Bursa and Dsopas to make the world safer.

We have seen the work of security researchers being transformed and today we have thousands of security researchers on our platform. We know that this is just the beginning and we are on a trajectory to assemble a security force — one million strong!

To gain insights from vulnerabilities discovered during testing we have built out an analytics and recommendation engine. By linking up security researchers, businesses and vulnerabilities at scale we see how an intelligence is emerging. We are building a bigger and smarter security intelligence than ever seen before.

These transformations are fundamental to security. For some time we’ve felt that the name Crowdcurity wasn’t fully capturing this deep underlying transformation and vision (and frankly was a mouthful to pronounce!). Therefore, today we become Cobalt. Security needs to be all over. Security is a key element in the world of the future. Cobalt captures these values.

Cobalt is security by enhancing relations. Not distancing people. Cobalt is security by smart intelligence. Not siloed information. Cobalt is security by everybody. Not a selected few.

Our global security force empowered by our technology is elemental to businesses around the world. Cobalt is hardening the world.

We are Cobalt.

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About Jacob Hansen
Jacob Hansen is a Co-founder and Board Member at Cobalt, a fully remote cybersecurity company with a mission to modernize traditional pentesting via a SaaS platform coupled with an exclusive community of highly skilled testers. He formerly worked as Cobalt's Chief Executive Officer for nearly 10 years. Jacob's mission is to evolve traditional penetration testing services by engaging the best cybersecurity talent, via Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform, and allowing customers to move from a static pentest to platform-driven pentest programs that drive better security and improve customer's return on investment. More By Jacob Hansen