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Pentesting Made Simple, an Italian Hacking Community

Core Pentester Reando Veshi has started his own hacking community in Italy: Pentesting Made Simple.

The need for a strong community is at the core of the hacking industry. At Cobalt, I work to make our own community great and have seen Core Pentesters do the same in their own circles. One of our Core Pentesters, Reando Veshi, has created an Italian hacking community called "PentestingMadeSimple." He told me how this came about and what his goals are. 


What is PentestingMadeSimple?

PentestingMadeSimple is an Italian community founded in 2020 to bring together professionals, enthusiasts, and newcomers in the fields of CyberSec, Pentesting, and Bug Bounty. A community focused on providing free information of terms, hints, and methods for those who want to start a working adventure in cybersecurity or simply deepen their knowledge thanks to the constructive confrontation inherent in our philosophy. We encourage the exchange of information and ideas to solve common problems, spread the security culture and promote innovation, creativity, and ethical hacking.


Where did you get the idea for it? 

The idea to create PentestingMadeSimple came from a lack of content in the Italian panorama and the need to share. My friend Donato and I used to meet in the evenings and hold whole sessions for debugging or testing. The idea came from sharing our tools, methods, and more with the community.


What are your goals?

I would like to make PentestingMadeSimple a solid and vital point in the Italian security landscape.

We have established many partnerships; for example, with PWNX,  we would like to provide more information and content on all topics related to CTFs and pentesting in Italy.

Another milestone is with SecurityCert. As founder of PentestingMadeSimple, I have been active from the beginning in this group, whose goal is to bring together people from the community who want to learn together for certifications in technical fields or who need a mentor.


What kinds of blogs are on the site?

On we carry all kinds of content on penetration testing. Mainly we blog about web vulnerabilities, specific attacks, or topics we find interesting and want to publish.


What kinds of videos do you make?

Most of the videos on PentestingMadeSimple are web tests. From classic vulnerabilities like XSS and SQLi to something more advanced like prototype pollution. You can find videos or information on how to set up a working environment for Pentest or Bug Bounty. Recently, we introduced some new playlists with Binary and the whole Web3 security world.

Last but not least, you'll also find interviews. Sometimes I get colleagues and friends to share their experiences with the community, like Andreea Druga (a great pentester at Cobalt).

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"I would like to thank Cobalt and the entire community. Being part of this wonderful team and working on different projects there push me to create more content and share new experiences with the community."


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