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Shelby Matthews

Shelby Matthews is a Community Content Associate at Cobalt. She works on content created for the Cobalt Core and content that is about them.

Women of the Core

Only 25% of the cybersecurity industry is women. We talked with our female pentesters about their journeys into this male-dominate field.
Jun 17, 2022
Est Read Time: 1 min

Pentester Spotlight: Arun

Arun has been a part of Cobalt's Core since April 2016. He is a big advocate of the Core's continuous learning and is a vocal member of the community.
May 24, 2022
Est Read Time: 1 min

Cobalt's First Pentester: Shashank

Shashank was Cobalt's first official pentester in the Core. We sat down with him to talk about how his journey into pentesting started and how he has seen the Core grow.
May 11, 2022
Est Read Time: 1 min

Core Blog Roundup

As we look back on Q1 we’re highlighting some of the blogs and contributions our pentesters have made to the security...
May 4, 2022
Est Read Time: 1 min

How Did Our Core Members Get Started in Pentesting?

Not many people grow up thinking they'll end up a pentester. So how did the members of Cobalt's Core get their start?
Apr 25, 2022
Est Read Time: 1 min