Cobalt PtaaS + DAST combines manual pentests and automated scanning for comprehensive applications security.
Cobalt PtaaS + DAST combines manual pentests and automated scanning for comprehensive applications security.

Santa Cruz County Bank relies on Cobalt to remain compliant and maintain a strong security posture.

The banking industry's rapid growth has brought about exciting innovations and transformations in the financial landscape. However, the rise of digital solutions and increased connectivity has also amplified cybersecurity risks.

To ensure the security of financial innovations and protect sensitive customer data, banks must prioritize strong cybersecurity measures.

This case study dives into the partnership between Santa Cruz County Bank and Cobalt, showcasing how Cobalt's Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform played a pivotal role in bolstering the bank's security posture.


Vague Reporting

Santa Cruz County Bank was seeking transparent and detailed reporting to pinpoint security vulnerabilities, know exactly where to begin remediation and share this information with their Board of Directors.

Rotate Testers for Improved Security Coverage

To maintain compliance, Santa Cruz County Bank relies on a rotation of qualified pentesters for each new pentest powered through the Cobalt Core.

Undiscovered Vulnerabilities

Santa Cruz County Bank needed a team of pentesters to quickly spot vulnerabilities to ensure customer data security through their local Bank operations.


Professional Reporting

Santa Cruz County Bank receives professional reporting from Cobalt, and the team can generate reports with different levels of detail tailored to different stakeholders.

New Qualified Pentesters for Each Test

Cobalt rotates pentesters for every pentest. Get a fresh perspective, reduce bias, and a diverse skill set on every pentest you conduct with Cobalt. Avoid multiple procurement processes and still remain compliant with our community of 400+ pentesters.

Detailed Findings

The description of each finding from Cobalt is very detailed, so Santa Cruz County Bank has a total view of the steps the pentesters used to discover a vulnerability.

Video: Santa Cruz County Bank Pentest as a Service Case Study


The Partnership with Cobalt

Recognizing the criticality of a comprehensive security strategy, Santa Cruz County Bank engaged Cobalt to conduct a thorough penetration test via their PtaaS platform.

Cobalt's tailored security solutions addressed the specific needs of the bank, showcasing their professionalism, expertise, and collaborative approach. This partnership allowed Santa Cruz County Bank to leverage Cobalt's expertise in delivering a comprehensive pentest report, providing valuable insights and recommendations to enhance their security posture.

Comprehensive Pentest Assessment

As part of the pentest report for Santa Cruz County Bank, Cobalt undertook a comprehensive initiative to ensure the security of the bank's systems. Employing the Cobalt Core's expertise and methodological approach to pentesting, Cobalt's team of seasoned pentesters conducted the penetration tests. These rigorous evaluations provided invaluable insights into the bank's infrastructure, uncovering potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Armed with these findings, the bank was able to promptly address the identified vulnerabilities and proactively mitigate future risks, reinforcing their commitment to maintaining a robust security posture.

Ensuring Compliance and Trust

Operating in a highly regulated industry, Santa Cruz County Bank recognized the importance of adhering to compliance standards. Cobalt's PtaaS platform provided invaluable support, enabling the bank to have the necessary pentest reports and remediation steps in place to meet their compliance needs. Cobalt's recommendations were backed by industry best practices and provided their security team with confidence to report back to stakeholders and complete their necessary compliance requirements.

Building Resilience  

The collaboration with Cobalt yielded significant results for the Santa Cruz County Bank. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, the company enhanced its security posture, mitigating potential risks and fortifying its systems against cyber threats.

  • Showcasing commitment to the highest cybersecurity standards
  • Proactive vulnerability management boosts cybersecurity
  • Compliance-driven collaboration instills confidence and strengthens security practices

"I would recommend Cobalt to the other banks and financial institutions. Simply put, Cobalt does that rotation for us, as the pentesters are each rotated each time we do an engagement with Cobalt. And that checks the box from an auditing standpoint."

Spencer Anthony,

Cybersecurity Architect,

Santa Cruz County Bank

Future-proofing Banking Security

As the banking industry continues to evolve and face emerging cybersecurity challenges, the partnership with Cobalt ensures the bank is well-prepared to navigate future threats. Cobalt's commitment to innovation, such as Agile Pentesting and their sound approach to security empower the bank to stay one step ahead, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices to protect their financial innovations and customers' sensitive data.

To support customer's security, Cobalt keeps a vigilant eye on the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. They continuously update their PtaaS platform, leveraging the latest threat intelligence, industry trends, and emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity. By actively monitoring emerging threats and staying abreast of new attack vectors, Cobalt equips the bank with the necessary tools and knowledge to anticipate and mitigate potential risks after each and every pentest they conduct on the PtaaS platform.

The dedicated Cobalt Core of pentesters, armed with their deep expertise and comprehensive understanding of security best practices, work closely with the bank to proactively address vulnerabilities. They conduct pentesting to uncover any weaknesses in the company's systems so that their team can remediate. After remediation, Cobalt offers complimentary retesting to ensure vulnerabilities are properly remediated. 

This proactive approach allows the bank to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Cobalt's forward-thinking approach extends beyond traditional cybersecurity practices. This proactive approach allows the bank to detect and respond to threats swiftly, minimizing potential damage.

As the banking industry embraces new technologies and expands its offerings, the partnership with Cobalt ensures that the bank can scale securely. Cobalt's PtaaS platform is designed to accommodate the evolving needs of the banking industry, providing flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing requirements. 

Leading the Bank's Security Charge

Amidst the rapid growth of the banking industry and the escalating risks posed by cybersecurity threats, the partnership between Santa Cruz County Bank and Cobalt emerges as a shining example of the paramountcy of strong cybersecurity measures.

By leveraging Cobalt's cutting-edge Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform, the bank has not only protected its financial innovations but also bolstered confidence in its capacity to safeguard their sensitive data.

This compelling case study sheds light on the pivotal role assumed by Cobalt in fortifying the cybersecurity defenses in the banking sector, a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence and the provision of state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions.