Cobalt PtaaS + DAST combines manual pentests and automated scanning for comprehensive applications security.
Cobalt PtaaS + DAST combines manual pentests and automated scanning for comprehensive applications security.
Goal-Based Pentesting

Simulated attacks, real-world resilience

Empower your security team with a roadmap to increased resilience. Define your goals, simulate real-world attacks, and fine-tune your defenses. 

Goal-Based Pentesting

Proven results through precision testing

Stay ahead of emerging threats with precision-targeted assessments. Incorporate the latest threat intelligence and tailor pentesting to your unique environment—from small projects to enterprise-wide assessments. Trust the goal-based pentesting specialists to help improve your security posture.

Test your systems, processes, and people

Identify and prioritize critical vulnerabilities

Understand the impact of potential exploits with realistic pentesting, so you can prioritize remediation efforts and allocate resources more effectively.  

Face real-world threats head-on

Better evaluate your security defenses and control capabilities by simulating the tactics and techniques adversaries use in the real world.

Achieve compliance with confidence

Align pentesting to specific regulatory requirements and industry standards. Make informed decisions to protect sensitive data—and bolster your brand reputation.
Unauthorized Access
Privilege Escalation
Critical Systems Compromise
Custom Goals
Unauthorized Access

Identify where attackers could gain access to sensitive data and get guided steps for remediation. 

Unauthorized Access
Privilege Escalation

See where hackers might be able to exploit vulnerabilities in your applications to get elevated access to protected information. Uncover where you need to secure your systems from unauthorized access.

Privilege Escalation
Critical Systems Compromise

Secure your systems with expert insights into potential vulnerabilities. Test at every level to increase your protections.

Critical Systems Compromise
Custom Goals

Collaborate with our pentesters to target unique security goals and create a custom testing approach. 

Custom Goals

Tailored testing that's flexible, scalable, and fast

Protect your organization, your assets, and your customers with expert pentesting for real-world know-how.

  • Tailor pentesting for common adversary objectives, such as accessing critical data or domains, dropping ransomware payloads, phishing, or device dropping.
  • Go beyond passive, automated tools and standard testing to understand how multi-phase attacks might be carried out—and how your organization will respond. 

Our Appoach

The faster path to better security

Count on a proven pentest partner
  • Work with a team that pioneered Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) for your goal-based penetration testing needs. 
  • Get targeted assessments aligned with your specific objectives.
Expand security resources to accommodate growth
  • Tap into a global network of vetted experts and find the right fit for your unique security goals—on demand.
  • Get fresh perspective and broad expertise to address a range of requirements, from due diligence to compliance.
Protect your business today and tomorrow
  • Ensure that your security efforts can continuously stay ahead of emerging threats.
  • Choose a partner that regularly updates testing methodologies, draws from the latest threat intelligence, and takes a proactive approach to improving quality.

Delivering on specific security objectives

We specialize in delivering targeted assessments aligned to our customers’ specific objectives. From small projects to ongoing enterprise-scale testing, we consider the uniqueness of every   environment and take a personalized approach.


faster than traditional pentesting


less costly than traditional pentesting

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David Kosorok,
Director of AppSec at TOAST
“Cobalt has a desire to get better, and people that wanna get better have a tendency to listen. And that's probably one of Cobalt's greatest strengths is the ability to listen to customers.”
Ference Brose,
CTO at Datagraud

"Cobalt is the right decision for the long term decision we needed. We can go a long way with our international expansion"


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