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Caroline Wong

Caroline Wong is an infosec community advocate who has authored two cybersecurity books including Security Metrics: A Beginner’s Guide and The PtaaS Book. When she isn’t hosting the Humans of Infosec podcast, speaking at dozens of infosec conferences each year, working on her LinkedIn Learning coursework, and of course evangelizing Pentesting as a Service for the masses or pushing for more women in tech, Caroline focuses on her role as Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt, a fully remote cybersecurity company with a mission to modernize traditional pentesting via a SaaS platform coupled with an exclusive community of vetted, highly skilled testers.

Launch Into Getting to Know the Cobalt Core

3… 2… 1… It takes the force of a multifaceted team to reach a milestone, whether it’s launching a rocket to the moon or...
Jul 29, 2021
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Get to Know Marion Sornette, Cobalt's Sr. Customer Success Manager

Welcome, Marion! Tell us a bit about yourself and where you're based. I grew up near Toulouse in the South West of...
Jul 7, 2021
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Cobalt’s Pentest Maturity Model: Which Level Are You?

The modern business world constantly faces digital threats. With companies facing these continuous threats,...
Mar 23, 2021
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How to Communicate the Business Impact of Vulnerabilities

You’ve discovered a new vulnerability in your infrastructure. If you’re lucky, it’s something you can handle without...
Feb 8, 2021
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Lessons From Breweries and Security Teams: The Importance of Thinking Long-Term

In 1759, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on the disused St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin.
Oct 19, 2020
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Pentesting & DevOps: From Gatekeeper to Enabler

Fast and frequent code changes are a reality of today’s business landscape: if you want to remain competitive in the...
Sep 27, 2020
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The Lifecycle of a Pentest Program

In a recent article, we laid out the benefits of a programmatic approach to pentesting.
Aug 16, 2020
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