See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.

Faster, Smarter, Stronger: Get on Track for Cybersecurity Success with SecTalks 2021

Running a marathon is a long-term commitment — just like continuously protecting your business from cyberattacks. Both require implementing the proper strategies, training, and upkeep to stray away from potential injuries or vulnerabilities that can hinder your end goal.

Wednesday, October 6 2021, Cobalt’s SecTalks security conference will set your security team on track with proven strategies to evolve, improve, and advance to the next level. Security for the long run isn’t a sprint, it’s a steady race. It’s important to focus on how to measure the impact of your programs and how other businesses are learning, collaborating, and applying industry best practices. SecTalks will jump into topics covering communication, business acumen, what workflow changes can increase productivity, and more. And, it all doesn’t just happen overnight — slow and steady wins the security race.

A Look Into the Agenda for SecTalks 2021

Cyber crises are often unpredictable, but the right tips from industry professionals can prepare your team for reaching the finish line and focus on moving forward safely and securely.

The State of Pentesting 2021

The State of Pentesting is one important tool to set your team up to run in the right direction. Based on 1600+ pentests, Cobalt experts will explore the most widespread vulnerabilities and how to prevent setbacks that can slow your remediation down.

How to Negotiate: Security Career Tips

Roadblocks along the way are inevitable, so learning how to handle tough conversations with leadership on budgets, organizational goals, team performance, and hiring can help overcome possible hurdles. Speakers will “coach” on how to effectively represent security in wider business conversations.

Make Security Stronger: Creating More Efficient Workflows

The move to DevSecOps is accelerating, and security workflows strain to be faster, more agile, and collaborative to reach their end goal. This session will give insights into one team’s strategy to meet these demands with the right combination of tools and human ingenuity.


Having access to pro tips is key to improving performance. A panel of C-suite executives will answer questions in this session about the most important security data points to bring to a board meeting, how to handle M&A activity using virtual data rooms, and more.

Introducing This Year’s Speaker Lineup

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the speakers at the upcoming SecTalks — presenting key insights from decades of experience.

Jennifer Czaplewski - Senior Director, Cyber Security at Target

Jennifer is an innovative cybersecurity leader known for building and delivering critical security functions. She is an industry leader in DevSecOps and frequently shares insights at thought leadership forums like RSA, the Cyber Security Summit,, and All Day DevOps. She is a patent holder and her work has been featured in SC Magazine and Dark Reading.

Charles Nwatu - Engineering Manager, Corporate Security & Security, Technology Assurance & Risk (STAR) at Netflix

Charles works in the Information Security and Monitoring domain, known for creating dynamic teams that develop and engineer robust security capabilities.

Jay Paz - Director of Pentest Operations and Research, Cobalt

Jay has more than 12 years of experience in information security and 19+ years of information technology experience including system analysis, design, and implementation for enterprise level solutions. He has a robust background in developer supervision and training as well as in major programming languages, operating hardware and software, and major infrastructure application development.

Tony Spinelli - Digital CIO & Cybersecurity Pioneer

Tony has worked for some of the world’s most critical companies, developed next gen digital tech, and pioneered new cloud and cybersecurity strategies. His recent focus has been on driving deeper digital insights with human and AI teaming, machine learning, and analytics, with cybersecurity as an enabling strategy.

Caroline Wong - Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt

As CSO, Caroline leads the Security, Community, and People teams at Cobalt. She brings a proven background in communications, cybersecurity, and experience delivering global programs to the role. Caroline also hosts the Humans of InfoSec podcast, teaches cybersecurity courses on LinkedIn Learning, and has authored the popular textbook Security Metrics, A Beginner's Guide.

Anne Marie Zettlemoyer - Business Security Officer | Vice President, Security Engineering at Mastercard

Anne Marie is a cyber-strategist with over 20 years of experience in eight industries. At the intersection of business, security, and analytics, Zettlemoyer has served as a trusted advisor for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, startups, and think tanks.

How will your team apply industry best practices and panel insights to get faster, smarter, and stronger and stay ahead of the curve? Be sure to watch the on-demand event for Cobalt’s virtual SecTalks security conference to learn more about the latest in cybersecurity from industry experts.

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About Caroline Wong
Caroline Wong is an infosec community advocate who has authored two cybersecurity books including Security Metrics: A Beginner’s Guide and The PtaaS Book. When she isn’t hosting the Humans of Infosec podcast, speaking at dozens of infosec conferences each year, working on her LinkedIn Learning coursework, and of course evangelizing Pentesting as a Service for the masses or pushing for more women in tech, Caroline focuses on her role as Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt, a fully remote cybersecurity company with a mission to modernize traditional pentesting via a SaaS platform coupled with an exclusive community of vetted, highly skilled testers. More By Caroline Wong
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