Cobalt PtaaS + DAST combines manual pentests and automated scanning for comprehensive applications security.
Cobalt PtaaS + DAST combines manual pentests and automated scanning for comprehensive applications security.
IoT Ecosystem Pentest

Secure your IoT ecosystem

Ensure Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices and hardware are not your biggest vulnerability. 

IoT Pentest

Tailored testing for IoT environments

Lack of standardization across a wide range of devices can leave IoT environments vulnerable—and exploiting just one device can compromise the entire system. Strengthen the security of complex IoT environments with comprehensive pentesting that includes devices, data exchange, and communication channels.


Protect your assets

Gain a holistic view

Understand unique device risks and get a high-level view of your organization’s IoT security posture. Identify and prioritize critical vulnerabilities for immediate remediation.

Get actionable insights

Work collaboratively with our experts, who provide vulnerability findings and guidance during the test. Get detailed results you can use to strengthen your defenses.

Protect your reputation

Prevent breaches that can corrupt critical equipment, disrupt supply chains, and lead to loss of confidential data—all of which can damage your brand reputation.
Medical Device Testing
Embedded Device Testing
Network/Protocols Testing
Firmware Testing
Application Testing
Medical Device Testing

Growing IoT innovation across medical devices introduces potential security risks. Tap into our team of experts to help you discover vulnerabilities and meet your FDA requirements.

Embedded Device Testing

Identify and address vulnerabilities in interconnected systems. Our testers search for any ethernet ports, SD card slots, FCC ID labels, internal components and debug ports to ensure robust protection against potential cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Network/Protocols Testing

Test wireless communications to and from your IoT devices to minimize the risk of exploits. From issues with encrypted transmission security to fuzzing communication protocols, identify your risks to avoid issues.

Firmware Testing

Reduce the risk of backdoor accounts, hardcoded credentials, leakage of sensitive information, and other vulnerabilities. Our thorough analysis includes your upgrade processes for end-to-end testing.

Application Testing

Test local applications or externally facing applications and the network traffic between apps and IoT devices to ensure overall security of the entire system. OWASP Top 10 methodology is used for web application testing.


A comprehensive approach to IoT security

Cobalt experts go beyond standard testing to deliver end-to-end security assurance for complex, interconnected systems.

  • Combine pentesting and device testing that covers radio communications, hardware and destructive testing, and firmware analysis.
  • Test devices for OWASP top ten vulnerabilities—including human-created errors such as weak passwords and default settings.
  • Get continuous monitoring and support, including recommendations to protect against emerging threats.

The faster path to better security

Rely on our vetted experts
  • Leverage 20+ years’ experience in IoT and device testing including medical and industrial equipment.
  • Tap into our global network of proven experts for the latest cybersecurity intelligence insights.
Take a collaborative approach
  • Ongoing communication via Slack and the Cobalt platform means you get real-time findings updates for faster remediation
  • Obtain test results delivered through our platform with a detailed readout at the end of the engagement.
Get complete peace of mind
  • Work in a complex, interconnected environment without worrying about device vulnerabilities.
  • Stay ahead of costly breaches that can obstruct your operation and damage your brand.

Don’t take our word for it


More ways to protect your attack surface

Joe Matthews,
VP of Engineering at Start Engine
“Security is very important for StartEngine and we have been able to tackle the job together with Cobalt to demonstrate this commitment to our customers. Cobalt gave us complete confidence that our security program was shaped to our unique needs.”

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Ready to up-level your offensive security?

Empower your security and development teams with Cobalt’s unique combination of a modern SaaS platform and our community of vetted experts. Trust the pioneers of PtaaS as your offensive security partner across your entire attack surface.