Unlock the State of Pentesting 2023! Explore 3,100 pentests with expert insights on vulnerabilities, security challenges, & maximizing pentest value.

The State of Pentesting 2023: How Operational Changes Can Jeopardize Security

The 2023 report taps into data from over 3,100 pentests we did in 2022, and 1,000 responses from security teams in the US, the UK, and Germany.

Pentester Spotlight: Furkan Senan; Computer Enthusiast to Lead Tester

From an early age, Furkan Senan was immersed in the world of computers, with a Pentium II CPU and dial-up internet as his constant companion. His insatiable curiosity led him to cybersecurity at the age of 12, where he and his friends explored hacking software. This discovery became a turning point in his life, and he embarked on a journey into the realm of pentesting.
Jun 1, 2023
Est Read Time: 3 min

Prompt Injection Attacks: A New Frontier in Cybersecurity

Prompt injection attacks have emerged as a new vulnerability impacting AI models. Specifically, large-language models...
May 31, 2023
Est Read Time: 7 min

Pentesting Compliance Requirements Overview

In today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, maintaining robust security measures is paramount. Pentesting...
May 30, 2023
Est Read Time: 8 min

Video: AWAE/OSWE For Humans

This blog is a personal account from Reando Veshi of preparing for and taking the OSWE (Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation) exam. Reando shares his experience along with tips that helped him in his journey.
May 30, 2023
Est Read Time: 6 min

Challenges of Microservice Security Testing

Microservices architecture has grown in popularity over the last few years. More than 50% of organizations prefer...
May 23, 2023
Est Read Time: 4 min

A Pentester's Guide to Source Code Review

This blog post guides how to conduct a source code review project, focusing on advice for those new to the task. The post covers the purpose of a source code review, the process for conducting one, and the information needed to conduct a proper assessment.
May 15, 2023
Est Read Time: 17 min

Cobalt Release Blog: April 2023

Read about the improvements we launched to our PtaaS Platform last month: Pentest Management Platform Open Beta, collaboration tracking, and richer content from our vulnerability detector
May 15, 2023
Est Read Time: 2 min

SecurityBoat: A Cybersecurity Company Fostering Collaboration and Community Awareness

Ninad Mathpati is the founder and CEO of SecurityBoat, a cybersecurity consultancy that offers vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, compliance assistance, and security consultation to help clients identify and mitigate security risks. The company also promotes cybersecurity awareness through its Non-Profit Cybersecurity community group, SB Meetup, offering a platform for knowledge-sharing and networking.
May 11, 2023
Est Read Time: 3 min

A Guide to Security Hardening

Organizations of all types are increasing efforts to protect against cybercrime, reduce their attack surface, and...
May 11, 2023
Est Read Time: 4 min
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