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Thoughts, perspectives, and industry commentary from the Cobalt team.

Cobalt Named to Quartz List of Best Companies for Remote Workers for Second Year in a Row

We are excited to announce that Quartz unveiled its annual list of the best companies for remote workers, and Cobalt...
Sep 16, 2022
Est Read Time: 2 min

Your Pentest Program is Broken

Pentesting for compliance simply isn’t enough. 
Sep 15, 2022
Est Read Time: 4 min

Pentester Diaries: Full-time Freelance Pentesting

This episode of Pentester Diaries is about the benefits of being a full-time freelance pentester. I sat down with Core Pentesters Harsh Bothra and Parveen Yadav to talk about their daily lives and how they manage to be a full-time freelancer.
Sep 14, 2022
Est Read Time: 2 min

Agile Security Practices: Revolutionizing Business Tech

What would it take to make pentesting fit with agile security practices? 
Sep 9, 2022
Est Read Time: 2 min

Cobalt's PtaaS Exchange: Insights You Don't Want to Miss

The Cobalt PtaaS Exchange Roadshow kicks off on September 8th in San Francisco. It’s never too late to sign up for a...
Sep 8, 2022
Est Read Time: 4 min

New Cobalt Offering: Agile Pentesting for Faster, More Targeted Testing

Today, Cobalt announced Agile Pentesting, a new pentest offering that gives businesses greater flexibility and marks the next evolution in PtaaS.
Sep 7, 2022
Est Read Time: 3 min

Is your wifi connection secure? How attackers take advantage of public WIFI

Do you connect to public wifi networks when you are out? You might be putting yourself and your data at risk. Core Pentester Orhan Yildirim shares how attackers take advantage of these public networks.
Sep 6, 2022
Est Read Time: 5 min

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing simulates cyberattacks against a digital system to discover vulnerabilities ranging from security...
Sep 2, 2022
Est Read Time: 6 min

Kentucky's Newest Con: Hack Red Con

Cobalt will be at Hack Red Con for its inaugural year in Louisville this September. The conference was started by Core Pentester Zach Stashis.
Sep 1, 2022
Est Read Time: 2 min
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