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Penetration Testing Program Management

Ensure pentesting isn’t done in a silo, and instead, it’s informed by your wider security strategy with the help of Cobalt’s Pentest Program Manager.

Modernizing and expanding your penetration testing program is key to enhancing security throughout your organization. Ensure pentesting isn’t done in a silo, and instead, it’s informed by your wider security strategy with the help of Cobalt’s Pentest Program Manager. This service provides strategic guidance from seasoned security consultants to help with asset identification, prioritization, pentest setup, integration support, recurring security roundtables, and more.

Cobalt’s Pentest Program Service

What is a Pentest Program?

“A program is a clearly defined series of pentests designed to systematically identify and remediate vulnerabilities in one or more assets or asset groups . . . By planning pentest programs annually, security leaders can ensure full coverage of assets and identify the depth of coverage needed for each asset.” (A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Pentest Program)

As the security maturity of organizations improves, security programs become an even more valuable business asset. If you’re looking to improve your security posture, look no further than Cobalt’s Pentest Program Management Service. No matter the number of your organization’s applications, keeping track of assets and the teams that are responsible for their development, maintenance, and security can be challenging on your own. With Cobalt as a trusted pentest partner, you can relax knowing you’re in the right hands.

Pentest Program Management Overview

Cobalt has the tools to fully optimize the end-to-end pentest process with team onboarding, technical scoping, strategic planning, and more. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Onboarding All Teams From account setup to comprehensive platform walkthroughs, we ensure your teams have all of the necessary information they need.

Strategic Planning We build out a customized testing plan based on asset criticality and business needs, along with ongoing scheduling guidance to enhance your pentest program’s effectiveness.

Quarterly Maturity Assessment We have what it takes to bring your program to the next level using objective scoring and concrete guidance.

Pentester Guidance We go beyond monitoring active pentests, providing additional guidance based on both technical and operational knowledge.

Define Scoping with Dev Team Building a thorough understanding of your applications, we help define the information required for each pentest to ensure your teams are providing critical context to the pentesters.

Technical Remediation Guidance We partner with your internal teams to help track and manage remediation efforts. We provide guidance every step of the way and follow up regularly to help track remediation, so your internal teams feel equipped to make fixes.

Benefits of an External Pentesting Plan


Repeated testing enables organizations to continuously evaluate and improve security tactics and remediation efforts. The decision to implement a pentesting program helps ensure continuous defenses to eliminate areas of weakness for not only your organization, but also your customers. Cobalt’s Professional Services is the security toolkit your organization needs to be equipped for the future of security. Learn more about the benefits of Cobalt’s Pentest Program Manager, and read into our other professional services here.

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