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AppSec vs. DevSecOps

AppSec and DevSecOps offer similar but different approaches to security. By understanding the differences, businesses...
Jul 20, 2022
Est Read Time: 3 min

Differences Between DevOps & DevSecOps: Why Developers Should Advocate for DevSecOps

As more companies shift left to incorporate security in the development lifecycle, this change provides value to more...
Jul 15, 2022
Est Read Time: 6 min

DevOps Best Practices

The use of the terms ‘DevOps’ and ‘DevSecOps’ are often used interchangeably, with the emphasis on security in...
Nov 8, 2021
Est Read Time: 2 min

DevSecOps: Types Of Testing

‘The ‘Sec’ in DevSecOps can be the Robin to your DevOps Batman — a trusty sidekick providing continuous backup.” -...
Aug 18, 2021
Est Read Time: 4 min

DevSecOps: A Modern Approach to Security

In the modern world, cybersecurity or lack thereof impacts almost every industry.
Jun 25, 2021
Est Read Time: 4 min

Cobalt Platform Deep Dive: Pentest Coverage Checklist

This blog post is part of an ongoing series in which members of the Cobalt product team provide deep dives into...
Mar 23, 2021
Est Read Time: 2 min

DevSecOps: Dos & Don'ts, Automation and Strategies for Success

For organizations that rely on releasing new product updates daily or weekly, building security into the development...
Dec 15, 2020
Est Read Time: 5 min