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Frequently asked questions

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About the Pentesters

Q: Who are the pentesters?

A: The Cobalt Core is a community of highly skilled pentesters who are passionate about what they do and who are always striving to be at the top of their game. This curated community is made up by security professionals with many years of experience and specialized skills. They all have a strong drive to keep  up to date on the latest vulnerabilities and exploits, and the tools and methodologies to find them.

Q: Can anyone become a pentester on Cobalt?

A: In order to join the Cobalt Core, a pentester must undergo a strict vetting process. This process includes third-party government ID verification, social media account review, and a thorough interview over video conference call.

Q: How are Cobalt pentesters rated?

A: Pentesters receive feedback about their performance from businesses and their peers when they participate in a security program. This feedback contributes to a pentester's quality score and vulnerability report ratings, which help rate a pentester's overall performance on the Cobalt platform.

Q: What is a Quality Score?

A: The Quality Score shows a pentester’s overall achievement on the Cobalt platform. Scores are based on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being reserved for the best pentesters with the highest, most in-demand skills.

Q: How are vulnerability report scores calculated?

A: After a lead pentester has reviewed a vulnerability report, the report is assigned a score, and that score is included in the average of a pentester's vulnerability report scores.