Black Hat | Def Con 2024
Are you attending Black Hat? Meet the Cobalt team and Core at booth #2913!
Black Hat | Def Con 2024
Are you attending Black Hat? Meet the Cobalt team and Core at booth #2913!

Threat modeling services

Enable proactive risk mitigation by assessing security threats and vulnerabilities, enabling security design.


Proactively identify and mitigate potential security risks

Threat modeling services aim to identify and address potential security threats in a system, application, or device before they can be exploited. Identify issues such as data breaches, unauthorized access, and system failures. The goal is to enhance security, prevent attacks, and ensure business continuity. Take it a step further by pairing this service with a code review for a more in-depth coverage.

Evaluate your company’s security design to ensure best practices and better protect against attacks, while making informed decisions to prioritize remediation via a data flow diagram of potential vulnerabilities.

Modern threat modeling services

In the face of growing cyber threats, how do you prioritize your defenses? Using threat modeling methodologies such as STRIDE, prioritize and mitigate potential security risks and vulnerabilities before deployment.

Build products with security in mind with threat modeling services

Enable stronger security design with threat modeling services by Cobalt.
  • Helps prioritize security efforts based on risk assessment
  • Improve security posture by proactively prioritizing security risks
  • Reduce costs by preventing a security breach
  • Prioritize risks to promote a security-focused culture in your organization
  • Ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met for data protection
  • Implement security best practices prior to development
David Kosorok
Director of Application Security at Toast
“Cobalt was able to shave off hundreds of thousands of dollars for us that we were able to use towards hiring another person and buying additional tools, plus a little bit more.”

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