See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.
See our Fast Start promotion and start your first pentest on The Cobalt Offensive Security Testing Platform for only $4,950.

Operate Fearlessly. Innovate Securely.

Identify risks faster and scale offensive security across your entire attack surface with a community of trusted security experts that takes Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) further.


Leading innovators count on Cobalt

End-to-end security testing across your attack surface

Combat risk in real-time with proactive security testing from the leaders in Pentest as a Service (PtaaS). Scale your security team with on-demand access to expert talent. Our powerful platform and proven experience, let you test security controls across your attack surfaces with greater ease and efficiency. It’s the testing approach you need to remediate smarter.

Reduce security risk
Catch issues before they turn into breaches. Cobalt provides 2.6X faster time to report than traditional pentesting approaches.
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Drive agility
Stay focused on what matters most for your business. Cobalt gets you to remediation 50% faster, increasing cycle efficiency.
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Get world-class talent
Cobalt provides access to a diverse pool of trusted experts precisely when you need them, addressing scarcity of skilled security resources.

Comprehensive offensive security

Enhance your agility and accelerate innovation by gaining real risk insights with on-demand security resources. Cobalt enables a scalable response and risk remediation without the need to expand your workforce. With our comprehensive approach, you can address current challenges and adapt for future demands.

Application Security
Network Security
Cloud Security
Brand Protection
Device Security
Application Security

Safeguard your applications. From secure code review and pentesting to dynamic application scanning, we help you ensure your applications are compliant, robust, and threat-resistant.

Network Security

Protect your network from cyber threats. Pinpoint vulnerabilities, assess risk, and enhance your security operations to safeguard sensitive data and ensure business continuity. 

Cloud Security

Manage security controls across all of your cloud services, including AWS, GCP, or Azure. Quickly identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, gain insights, and get actionable recommendations for remediation to minimize risk.

Brand Protection

Safeguard your brand reputation by assessing risk from an attacker’s point of view. Anticipate where breaches might happen and swiftly respond to potential data leaks to protect your brand integrity. 

Device Security

Make sure your devices aren't a vulnerable attack surface. From hardware, to firmware, to radio communication vulnerabilities, we help you identify weak points across your device ecosystem.

A purpose-built platform for better security


A single, unified platform

Scale your pentest program and effectively manage data across workflows with technology integrations.

  • Streamline communication and task management between security and development teams through native integrations with ITSM, DevOps, and collaboration tools.
  • Get a complete perspective of all security testing findings across your attack surface.

Optimal efficiency

Automate tedious steps in the testing process while bringing in human insight and perspective where it matters most. Start testing faster and simplify planning for future testing needs.

  • Easily plan, scope, and schedule tests in the self-service wizard. Access findings, reports, and remediation guidance in the platform on demand. 
  • Automatically push findings or kick off remediation workflows into your internal systems via native integrations and the Cobalt API.

Ready analytics

Increase program efficacy and optimize forward momentum with insight into historical progress and trends.

  • Use visual insights to drill down into comprehensive details about your assets, findings, and events, including any pertinent remediation steps and status.
  • Leverage data-driven dashboards to continuously assess how you are reducing risk across your attack surface over time.

A scalable, on-demand pricing model

Whatever security testing projects you’re tackling, our simplified consumption model makes them easier to manage. 

  • Centralize planning, testing, collaboration, and remediation between security and development teams in a single platform experience.
  • Flexibly plan and initiate testing projects with credits that can be directed towards pentests, proactive security testing, advanced cybersecurity services, and more.
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Steven Maroulis,
Founder and CEO at Jarvis Analytics
“When it came to pentesting and assessing our system against threats, we really gravitated towards the Pentesting as a Service model because it was important that my team could login and see exactly what was happening, what testers were working on and finding, as well being able to flexibly buy additional credits as needed.”
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Chris Wallace,
Security Liaison Engineer at Vonage

"One main benefit is the variety of skill sets that you're able to tap into because Cobalt has a community of pentesters that you can readily draw from. We don't have to hire more red team people, we can bring them on as needed"

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Chuck Kesler,
Chief Information Security Officer at Pendo

"Being able to interact with findings in the platform and discuss them through Slack makes for a much more efficient process. We’ve been able to get into it and engage with the findings there, which is a big improvement on the old process."

The faster path to better security


Identify and remediate risk quickly

The Cobalt platform is purpose-built for continuous security engagements. Our understanding of attack surfaces and intuitive technology platform give you the power to get started quickly and accelerate find-to-fix cycles. 

  • Get instant access to DAST, application penetration testing, network penetration testing and more. 
  • Collaborate directly with testers so you can get exactly the information you need and integrate actionable guidance into your workflows more efficiently.
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Seamlessly expand resources to accommodate growth

Cobalt gives you access to a worldwide community of vetted experts aligned with the unique needs of your business. Whatever the asset or your specific requirements, we find the right fit for your business.

  • Get fresh perspective and broader expertise when you need it. 
  • Address a range of requirements and organizational needs, including compliance, due diligence, and security.

Protect your business today and tomorrow

Mitigate future risk, secure your infrastructure, and make the most of your resources with a centralized approach. Empower your security and development teams to take quick action with unprecedented visibility. And make improvements over time with ongoing test data and analytics.

  • Use Cobalt to ensure an efficient, repeatable process while managing multiple tests at the same time.
  • Align your security efforts with the regulatory requirements of your business, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more.

The latest thinking in offensive security

The State of Pentesting Report 2024

The 6th edition of The State of Pentesting Report explores how the adoption of AI is impacting the cybersecurity landscape by revealing data from over 4,000 pentests.

The OffSec Shift Report
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Ready to up-level your offensive security?

Empower your security and development teams with Cobalt’s unique combination of a modern SaaS platform and our community of vetted security experts. Trust the pioneers of PtaaS as your offensive security partner across your entire attack surface.

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