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How Axel Springer Leverages Continuous Pentesting

Axel Springer found real-time insights and quality results with Cobalt’s PtaaS platform.

Axel Springer SE is a German-based media company headquartered in Berlin. As the largest European media company, it holds a large network of sensitive data and information that is crucial to keep secure. Understanding the importance of monitoring and strengthening their security posture on a regular basis, Axel Springer chose to leverage Cobalt's Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform to ensure that its IT infrastructure is being properly tested.

For Axel Springer, part of protecting information, data, and platforms is done by regularly checking their security posture on a regular basis. The team at Axel Springer needed an innovative approach for pentesting because the pentesting they’d done in the past with traditional vendors did not really support their security needs.
To ensure that its IT infrastructure is properly tested, Axel Springer chose to leverage Cobalt's PtaaS platform.



Continuous Testing

Axel Springer wanted to test for security issues on a more regular basis to ensure both customer and employee data was properly protected.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Axel Springer wanted fresh eyes on every pentest to find new bugs and glitches.

Dated Information

Axel Springer needed more up-to-date information to mitigate and remediate any findings as quickly as possible.


Fresh Perspective

Access to a global community of pentesters allows applications to be viewed from new and different angles.

Increased Transparency

Real-time visibility helps developers prioritize activities.

Simple Onboarding

The Cobalt platform's Jira integration allows findings to be integrated quickly and easily into the software development lifecycle.

Unlike traditional pentesting services, Cobalt’s innovative approach provides Axel Springer with continuous security monitoring. By leveraging this ongoing test data, the Axel Springer team can quickly and immediately retest fixes. Additionally, as each finding is given a rating, Axel Springer is able to immediately see the business impact and the likelihood of occurrence with every issue. This critical information helps developers prioritize activities and resources.

On-demand access to Cobalt’s highly skilled, vetted pentesters allows Axel Springer to get a fresh set of eyes on every test. The different thoughts, cultures, expertise, and backgrounds that the Cobalt Core offers are especially valuable.

“You have to always put yourself in the position of an attacker. And every attacker is acting in a different manner, in a different way. So the more people you have dealing with the platforms and the new apps, I think the more findings you will also get, and that’s beneficial.”




“Changes are being applied to our software, to our apps, to our web applications all the time. And that makes it really necessary that you look at the security software, at the security level in a consistent manner, on a continuous basis. So once a month, we do that with Cobalt.”