Cobalt PtaaS + DAST combines manual pentests and automated scanning for comprehensive applications security.
Cobalt PtaaS + DAST combines manual pentests and automated scanning for comprehensive applications security.

LiquidPlanner turned to Cobalt to maintain a high level of security

LiquidPlanner was looking for a modern way to get effective and actionable assessments of security. 

Dedicated to helping high-performing teams reach even higher, LiquidPlanner delivers predictive project management for the modern business. LiquidPlanner is expected to maintain a high level of security as a SaaS B2B business that holds onto a lot of sensitive project data for customers. That’s where Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service platform offered the right solution for modern and effective security.

As a company that’s modern business-centric, LiquidPlanner needed a modern security solution. Getting cost-effective, periodic vulnerability assessments and penetration tests was key to increase their application security level and display a commitment to customers.


Quality Security Testing

Some traditional providers may have been able to produce a report in the past, but they often lacked quality in the actual security testing.

Basic Vulnerability Scans

LiquidPlanner was looking for an alternative to basic vulnerability scanners and overpriced consultancies.

Increase Application Security

LiquidPlanner wanted to increase its application security level and display its security posture to customers.


Modern Security Testing

LiquidPlanner found a modern security testing-as-a- service to deliver periodic pentests and track individual findings with Cobalt.

Detailed Findings

With the bi-annual summary report, LiquidPlanner could easily communicate security posture to both existing and new customers.

Quick Pentesting

With Cobalt, LiquidPlanner had its first pentests up and running in no time using a defined scope and specific application logic.

That's when the company was introduced to Cobalt and decided to explore Cobalt's Pentest as a Service platform. LiquidPlanner got two web application pentests a year with Cobalt, each one including two weeks of assessment, penetration testing, and analysis from one CISSP certified lead pentester supported by two technically skilled pentesters/domain experts.

“We work with Cobalt because we wanted to show our customers that application security is a key priority for us.”



From the moment the pentest kicked off, the team at LiquidPlanner could follow the progress being made and communicate directly with the pentesters end to end. LiquidPlanner had previously performed a one-off vulnerability assessment with a consultancy, but they were looking for a modern security solution with periodic pentests. These pentests included consistent communication and access to lead pentesters, a detailed summary of vulnerability findings, coverage of OWASP top 10 + application logic, and more.

“The pentesters and Cobalt did an outstanding job. They were able to deliver both the coverage of a vulnerability assessment and the depth of a penetration test. Additionally, this was all at a very sensible price point.”